Monday, May 17, 2010

Escaping the Pressure

Escaping the Pressure

When you walk in being an overcomer life radically changes.  You begin to be challenged on every front. The pressure builds not only from the enemy, but God's purifying fire as well, because it's how we escape the pressure that determines our 'peace' in Him.

What is this pressure that we have to endure?!  You know what I'm talking about... the financial leaps of faith, the physical attacks on our bodies, any relationships we have... absolutely everything needs covered in prayer now.  You find yourself repeating that line from the 'matrix' saying "Why, why didn't I take the blue pill?"  At times the intensity so great and no 'seasons of refreshing' in sight...we long to escape the pressure.

This is for all of you out there actively taking authority over every principality and power for the Lord Jesus Christ.  If you're not slamming this stuff at His direction beneath His footstool, this program isn't for just won't understand.  If I could write the day to day details of my life...doing all the mundane requirements of life, the prayer shielding, caring for my family, the targets that the Lord has shown me to hit, the dominions I'm in the process of taking, the spiritual battles in the night and seeking the Lord in His word and finding the quiet time alone with Him Alone.... it could make a good tv mini series. 

As you go on deeper with God more is required of you.  Your life must become like that Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail movie....where Indy was standing at that precipice... having done all things...with nothing left to do except for trusting what the instruction hint was... to go out in Faith.  And also notice in that movie that the whole while the enemy was right next to him... that's how it is for us.  Each step of the way the pressure is right there and we are called to live by faith in the word.

I want to go deeper now in illustrating this whole pressure and escapism thing, because it'll really get you to evaluate some of these weak points in your own life.

I'm gonna use the example of alcohol for this visual, but you need to take the precepts behind it to examine your own escapism.  

So the spiritual dynamics behind this is like a bully tactic mentality.  The enemy turns the pressure on so hot and all day long we just war it half-butted because we're just tired of it in, day out.  By the end of the day we just had enough & would just prefer to ignore it...but that's the drink a little & then the enemy eases off because the goal is to train you like a rat to always go to the bottle for relief.  Instead we're supposed do what I have to do with my son.  With my son, I just drop EvErYthing and focus on him that's what we have to do with the enemy & hit the bully back....make him pay and hold the ground.  Remember the movie "Back to the Future"?  Marty's dad, George, was under the bondage of that bully... but then in that future altering moment.. when He socked the bully... Marty's whole universe changed. Wine is still good, so long as it doesn't become a long as it doesn't become an escape.  We have to recognize whatever is hounding us for what it is, scream "STOP" and then go to Jesus, not a bottle, not a bathroom, not the refrigerator... etc!  Decide that you are not going to be trained like a rat any longer.  Jesus wants you to come to Him.  He allows the enemy to sift you with this pressure to see what you'll do.  Can He really entrust you with more talents of the Kingdom?  Prove it! 

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