Monday, May 17, 2010

DeMoNiC Manifestation

The demonic can manifest in visible, physical ways by either gained access or by permission from God. Join Freedom 1 as she shares some of her experiences with DeMoNiC manifestation...

I've been on a 'manifestation' - themed kick here lately but it's all about 'fruits'. . .
It's a key in hearing God...that you don't take everything that you're told and blindly roll with it, Jesus has set up a system where good and evil manifest in the natural as proof to back the source. 

In the bible it says you'll know a believer by what they produce in the natural...and warnings to watch for the fruit produced by a person as it's either good or bad...(check out Matthew chapter 7).  But I want to take this beyond looking at the hearts of mankind & include a gamut of many things I've experienced and learned so maybe you can empathize, but maybe things like these have happened to you but you never connected the dots.  As you begin to be more aware of how the demonic just helps you to better target the root.  We have to get into a flint-faced mode where any flashy manifestation of the enemy isn't going to rattle our cages or put us into fear.

So, let's start off on something really tangible.  I want to use this first because this is something you'll really feel.  See this here...this is something I'd like you to get in the habit of doing every so often.  This will help you on your purification process with multiplied results.  This is a list I made of everyone that has ever hurt me or people I've been mad at.  See many things are buried within us & are access points for the enemy and lest we confront them...we don't know they are there.   Approach this exercise humbly with an ernest desire of 'Forgiveness'.  As you write stuff down you'll note that some know you've forgiven or reconciled, there will be nothing felt or peace...but others you will start popping like popcorn inside.  What you are feeling is a demonic foothold beginning to war from being exposed.  Remember that Jesus says in John 20, "If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you withhold forgiveness from any, it is withheld.”  Just as the Jews continually offered sacrifice for their sins, we must continually cleanse and ask forgiveness through Jesus in every area of our lives so the enemy cannot gain a foothold within us.  So do this every so often... and write every little thing down whether you feel it's completely healed or not because it's also comforting to see how far you've come!  Then spend time with God talking with Him about it....then throw the list away and then schedule another session with your Jesus therapist and do this again every so often.   

Okay, moving on...when my husband and I first began to get noticed as threatening on the enemies radar, we had some reaaaaally bizarre manifestations.   The first one was that we found our marriage certificate out in our mailbox.  Mind you, this thing is buried in a wedding book & was in an envelope that over time had sealed itself.  So most people would think along the lines of 'Oh no, we had a home invasion', in the natural, and I'd say...try spiritual, and you hit the nail on the head!  So, though it seemed insane to was more insane to believe a human would do this.  See the devil can only do things by having earned access OR by permission from God.  This was something that God allowed because although the devil wanted to rattle our cages...God wanted us to see how the enemy desired to sift us...and it was plain to see that his aim and target was our marriage. 

During this time I was always battling spiritual things at night and would often go to bed reading the bible & praying til' I'd just fall asleep.  One night I was really battling in my dreams &, at some wee morning hour, I awoke hearing my husband making a commotion.  On went the lights and he's out of bed, drenched in water and looking around to grab a tumbler off of the floor.  I'm wondering what just happened and he's quietly assessing looking back and forth, til' he finally tells me that the tumbler of water was dumped upon him.  He showed me where he placed the water on his night stand (next to his head) before bed, where the water was dumped (on his crotch) & where the cup ended up (at the foot of the bed).  It was clearly not a case of him tossing & bumping the glass in the night.  Again, this was allowed by God and taught us that we needed to claim our territory, and make a spiritual safe-haven at our residence.  As we prayed over our property, anointed it and claimed it for Jesus, these big events decreased and I didn't have to war as much in the night.  It's still hard when you are targeted in the spirit, but the blood of Jesus became as a mighty spiritual force field for us.  Remember again, the Jewish was a continual thing...and though Jesus died once, we must continually go to him for forgiveness, for covering, protection...we must put on our armor daily...just as we ask for our daily bread.  We can't profess once and expect that band-aide to last forever...God wants a relationship, a continual one.

So other manifestations we can see in nature.  We have experienced crows hanging around excessively.  I had a friend that saw maggots a lot during a big spiritual battle.  We've had flies in the house in the winter time...and I don't mean a couple....I mean like hitting 15-20 A DAY...searching everywhere for a dead mouse or some explanation for them & finding none.   And then another manifestation of very large scarab-like could be understood if they were all the same maybe a mating season or something...but when they are huge and completely different types of beetle...well, pay's a manifestation that is allowed for a reason.   Just like the water dousing exposed that we needed to build up a spiritual wall, and that the marriage certificate incident revealed that we needed to focus most on our unity as a couple...the natural manifestations reveal something as well, and you should pay attention and pray and investigate what it means. 

When we had the flies, it was at a time where God had already given me the scripture about Pharaoh's words coming back upon his own head (remember how his profession of killing the first-born came back to haunt him?), involving a certain person/situation.  So when the flies came, I knew it was related to deceit and the hardening of ones heart. 
Again, God allows it so you can know and be prepared.

Sometimes, these manifestations give you a heads up about a principality that God is fashioning you to deal with, or so you can be on guard verses witchcraft attacks.  We've actually had poison ivy break out on us at the same time when a person was manifesting and poisoning others against us.  God allows this strange manifestation stuff to have a root in the natural because He wants us to all have choice.  We can choose to blame something on a home invasion...write something off as a dead animal hiding somewhere or accept poison ivy for what it is even though I haven't been out in the woods.  The important thing you realize is that because it happens it doesn't mean you've done something wrong.
Realize that demonic manifestation either has a legal right to happen through such a thing as sin or unforgivingness in your life or it's allowed, in a controlled environment, by God to show you something. Through unrepentant sin and unforgivingness you have no shield of protection by God, and the results can be devastating.  But why would God allow us to see or experience this 'ugly stuff' if we've done nothing wrong?  Remember that Jesus bore our sins...He took on our iniquity.  Every ugly thing that could happen, happened to Him for us.  We too, being formed in His image and likeness will have to see this ugliness in life.  We'll see these things as warning, and for the purpose of joining into intercession.

As death has no power over us, nor fear any foothold in our lives...we become spiritual towers.  When all else falls apart...people can look to us with hope as we testify the spiritual reality to the physical manifestation. 

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