Monday, May 17, 2010

God won't be Boxed! Part 1

You ever hear about occult members going into institutional church and doing witchcraft?  Worshipping alongside of believers in Jesus, saying the prayers but focusing on their little 'g' god?  Makes you wonder doesn't it, how do christians give such credence to the enemy's followers who infiltrate the church, but what does the church do?   It retreats to it's box and believes anything outside of the box is bad.  That sure sounds like a recipe for realllllly missing God to me.  In fact...doesn't it only take one bad thing to fart in the box and taint and leaven the whole batch?

What makes a thing 'good' or 'bad'?  If the occult person is focusing on their little 'g' god in a christian church environment... pulling on that love around them & going in the complete opposite direction... does that show you the power all humanity possesses by what we choose to empower in the mind?  The most successful 'positive thinking programs' out there use all the precepts in the bible but devoid of honoring or recognizing Jesus.
(Jhn 10:1"Truly, truly, I say to you, he who does not enter by the door into the fold of the sheep, but climbs up some other way, he is a thief and a robber.)

See here poses the problem... the Word of God does not return void.... it's true whether it's for the believer in Jesus or if it's only a salad bar for the unbeliever.  The Word of God contains the keys to life.

Of course... you know these occult people can only bear evil fruit in a place that is devoid of worship in Spirit and truth... if they enter in amongst those borne of Spirit and truth, they get exposed and many so overwhelmed they find the encounter with the power of the One true God a life-changing one, one way or the other!

But what about the churches that are not spirit-filled? 

I have an interesting testimony... in that part of it was being led out of institutionalized church into a setting that reflects more of what the disciples experienced as a home-church setting.  Of course anyone I share this with looks down upon me and my family and see it as a forsaking unity with the brethren etc., but God says 2 or 3 gathered... it's not quantity but quality in true unity aligned with His purposes (we currently have been led back into a church setting... just following where He leads!)

I want to share a bit of background that led up to this decision...

There was a lot of seeking God going on in a small group setting that we met with weekly, apart from institutional church.  Through this group, both my husband and I went through a thing called 'generational deliverance', whereby we cancelled any curses passed onto us by our forefathers and we also shut doors that we had opened up ourselves, that let us open to attack from the enemy.  Our spiritual eyes became opened and we plunged into a deeper union  with Jesus as all those generational voices became silenced... we could Hear the voice of God clearer.  We began to have dreams, see visions, seeing the presence of spirits, whether good or bad and move prophetically.  Then the dichotomy began...

As God began to give us revelation, we began to share things with our church Pastor, which were politely-smile rejected.  Then the church services became more of a warfare session then a place of fellowship and celebrating Jesus.  Being spirit-filled... the darkness began to manifest.  We'd be sitting in the pew and all the sudden I'd feel a burden to pray and be internally praying in tongues in the service and afterwards my husband asked me if I could see what he saw in the pew in front of us during the service.  When I had been praying, he was actually seeing and confronting a spirit of death upon the person in front of us. 

In the following weeks during holiday celebrations the lights would mysteriously blink and the speaker system would also be on the fritz.  As we would pray my husband would see angels come in and flashes of light in an unseen battle. 

At first I was adamant that we should stay there and fight every week on behalf of the people, but week after week and church not being the sanctuary it is supposed to be, the Lord showed us that we did what we could by going to the pastor... and because he is the head of the church, nothing can go higher then his authority.  Because he rejected what we brought forth (and likely-- we were called out by the crying out of people in the church), it lies upon his head, not ours.  It is then up to God to disperse the people that are crying out, from under this ceiling of spiritual bondage.

The Lord led us to do the unthinkable... leave institutional church...  try to explain that one.... already we can't tell people all we were seeing in the spirit going on in church... the pastor rejects us and now people equate 'no church to falling away entirely from God'!  This is not fun stuff here!  The biggest attacking we get is that "Oh, you're not in a church... that's not right, God has ordained an order to 'church' of submission under pastors, teachers, apostles, prophets etc...".  But what those people don't know is that God places those relationships and that order into our life.  If you think a seminary certificate is the only way God is going to work--- whoooops, just missed Him!

Stay tuned... I'm going to add on to this train of thought in the next episode of hearingGod. 

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