Thursday, July 7, 2011

Not 'Feeling God' and Blaming Him?

I recently received a 'venting' sort of comment and I wanted to share my response with you all because there are a great many people feeling 'stuck' in this same spiritual rut!

The comment:
"‪I am an addict and therefore a man of the flesh and not one of the spirit. God therefore cannot save me nor has he. I haven't felt him in my life in years. My prayers are not righteous or effective! I feel forsaken as this was not the life I willingly choose!‬
Just one question, WHAT IF YOU WERENT CALLED FOR HIS PUPOSE WHAT IF YOU AREN WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF THE LIVING!!! That is why I am losing faith I feel god is not in my life."

My response:
If your an addict and recognize you have a problem... that's a good start.

Blaming God for it, or believing there's predestination stuff gets whacky. God is outside of time.... we are inside of it. Because He's outside of it, He knows whether we will accept His invitation or not.
It's like watching a parade from the rooftop.... from up there, one can see the beginning of it... and the path it takes to reach the end ((God)). For us...we are IN the parade and we just keep moving along, not seeing the end, but knowing it's there. He knows our free choice because in eternity, we've already made it. He's already watched the parade! Of course... it's hard for us to comprehend it... because we're so 2D in our thought processes!
But truth and faith take us 3D! because.....

God isn't a liar. If He says the price is accepting the death of Jesus through repentance and then learning to walk in relationship with Him... then it is enough.

I think most people get 'stuck' because they don't take every thought captive, as the scripture says we are to do (2 Corinthians 10:5). When we align with beliefs (lies) of the enemy, we essentially curse ourselves (we're either found faithful in the Word or in opposition to it). Every thought that enters our mind isn't our own.... it's either us, God or the enemy.

Sometimes we need to evaluate ourselves....lemme help you by breaking down some of what you wrote… to it's core:

[I am an addict and therefore a man of the flesh ((self curse/lie of enemy)) and not one of the spirit ((self curse/lie of enemy)). God therefore cannot save me ((self curse/lie of enemy)) nor has he ((self curse/lie of enemy)). I haven't felt him in my life in years ((You. this is good honest sharing in this sentence)). My prayers are not righteous or effective ((self curse/lie of enemy))! I feel forsaken ((You. good to share)) as this was not the life I willingly choose ((blaming, self curse/lie of enemy))!]

Remember the scripture.... "from out of the mouth the heart speaks" (Luke 6:45)?? But wait... don't feel like crap...we can make it right again instead of allowing the enemy to condemn us...

How do we transform into His image? We take those LIES and repent of any we have embraced by the benchmark of the Word of God. Then we conform day by day (this ain't no overnight process!!!!) ---by taking time to spend with God in His Word... soaking and learning what He has to say about stuff-- and praying and then expecting replies to our questions etc. This is what a relationship is about. If we'd rather spend all our time doing worldly things, believing every lie that pops into our heads and spending no time in the Word... or considering that the truths and promises are for real... then that's just not a relationship. I'm married and lemme tell ya.... it's a 2 way street! It is the same with Father God. It's the same with earthly friendships.... we don't ignore or dis our friends!

Remember the story of the rich young ruler? ( Matthew 19:16-22; Mark 10:17-31; Luke 18:18-30) He wanted to pop some pill...wanted a formula... but instead of seeing that's its relationship in Jesus... all he could do is slither away because he had too much invested materially in this life. He didn't want to invest in relationship.

You are perfectly fine.... you are wrestling... you know there is more & all you have to do is embrace it.

Sometimes the enemy beats us down so much that we lose sight of his tactics... we forget that he's the liar and God never changes in His perfect truth. So… get back up and start to pay attention to your thought life.