Thursday, March 28, 2013

Glimmer of Hope

So today at work I figured a new trick of the trade, and God spoke volumes during it...

During one facet of work I really can't see what I'm doing very well and so the process is painfully slow.  I need to use both my hands so I cannot hold a flashlight.  Though I have access to a headlamp, I'd have to freeze my head in position to focus that beam & it'd only lead to a stiff neck!
So today I realized that just before the container is too full, a slight reflection of light bounces from 'somewhere' to cue me when to stop.

This is a grand discovery because previously I was slow and overcautious... you know how you see those cooking shows and the people that don't get their food cooked in time are the ones that opened the oven door too many times and let all the heat out?
Ya, like that.... that constant worry and over-cautiousness led to very slow productivity.

And so He chimed right in at my 'cool' discovery and said to 'pay attention'.  So I thought about each element... of how when the days are dark and we can't see what we are doing... how the only way to know the way is by that reflection or glimpse of His light bouncing off of anything:
" their fruits you shall know them.."  Matthew 7:16

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows."  James 1:17

Image courtesy of Forum Member "Phil.3:8"
I thought about how when we are worrying, how unfruitful we can become.  How heavy-laden with doubt and depression! 
But conversely, how seeing such a small glimmer can give us drive and hope to carry onward no matter how far off it is.

As I clung to that 'glimmer' I found myself racing through work, and delighted to finish in record-time.

And lastly, I realize how easy it was a thing to miss!  It's taken me how long to notice what's taken me from 'putt putt putt' to 'zoom zoom zoom'?!  And that's the amazing thing... now since I've 'got it' I can never look back.  I've suddenly went from what seems light-years ahead overnight. I know 'better'.... I know the good thing to do... the BEST thing to do.  It's my benchmark now.  I can confidently say I'm efficient; I'm a good worker because it's the best I've got to give.

When we know and trust who He is, and believe who He says we are, things really get done in the Kingdom.  Like that 'glimmer' it only takes the faith as small as a mustard seed to move that mountain.  Are we earnestly looking for change; for improvement, or are we looking so hard at that 'issue' that we miss the glimmer?  When we look at Goliath do we remember Jesus is much 'bigger'?

Expectant Faith, Expectant Hope…. He's there, the answer is there... just latch on to that glimmer of hope and never turn back!