Friday, February 19, 2016

Questioning With the Mind vs. Entering-In With the Heart

I recently received a good question from a person that has a hunger about 'God' but still isn't 'sold' in the heart area:

Q:  "I understand that you are pretty confident in your beliefs...let me ask you a simple question: have you been looking for disconfirming evidence to your beliefs?"

A: "You don't understand what a radical conversion experience brings… it's something others cannot understand if they don't have the living God in their life (the Holy Spirit living within).  He's more real than you are… that's why the apostles had no problem witnessing even unto the grave after Jesus ascended.

During the loneliest time of my life…I ran to God and HE showed up with literal signs and wonders.  Think about it…. do people these days 'need God'?  Who runs, asks, seeks & knocks…. who really tests the scripture to see if its so?

The problem is that I needed God and every step I took in believing/trusting…He was there.  But is that a problem?  It is for ever turning back.

Then come the promises in abiding (which is abundant life)…  How often do people pray their needs but never get to know Him?  Read the word because they need something but then don't do anything God says to do found in the bible?  Not many, and that's not 'relationship' which is what God wants with His creation.  He wants to be loved in relationship, not as a dictator.  I can't buy your love in friendship, nor will God (Jesus was enough).

So if I have dreams that are prophetic and happen (even documented on YouTube), and visions -  if I hear Him speak - if I've seen spirits - if I've been delivered from spirits simply by following what the bible says to do and felt them physically leave my body and experienced freedom… and been healed from sciatica, - and if - and if…..and if…..  why would I have cause to doubt, lest I was dealing with a spirit of doubt? 

My history is so full of Him that people that don't know 'us' have no say in our relationship; and that's a problem for you, not me.  I'm sorry I can't manufacture 'relationship' that He offers with you so you could understand….nor do I offer my irl (in real life) husband over to single women, LOL…. I tell em':  "get your own man!"  So see the cost involved….and ask yourself if you really care to know. That is the only way…we have to want to & then take Him at His word or Christianity doesn't seem to fly."