Cleaning Up Your Act - Spiritual Housecleaning

With more given, more is required.  As we grow in the anointing, we find ourselves needing more of Him and less of us.  Sin becomes more evident and suddenly we begin to notice glaring defects in our character, bad habits and other ‘issues’ that don’t align with the Word of God.  Despite repenting and honestly trying to change it seems we fall back into that pit... confused... “What is wrong?  I’m standing on the Word of God, and yet it remains?!”  The enemy tries to get us to doubt the faithfulness of God and a battle ensues as we try to serve God and deal with our bad selves in a seeming merry-go-round of disappointing repetition.

So what’s the blockage?  We know God IS Faithful...

I have created this guided roadmap for action that instills an ongoing concern for examination and growth that will help the body of Christ ready their wedding garments: 


If I have anything to add, it would be the Bible Promise Series which will help you reprogram.  As an example, if ‘Bitterness’ is a negative root that needs axed, and in using the Word of God as your sword.... an antonym for ‘bitterness’ is ‘contentment’.  So creating a playlist from the Bible Promise Series that includes ‘contentment’, and feeding on that word will help loosen up the soil as you battle.

What does the process of
 ‘Cleaning Up Your Act’ entail? 
Key topics include...

  • Sin:  Sure, we often repent of blatant sins, but have we really examined those offenses, to not only repent but to change?
  • Forgiveness:  If there is hurt in a memory in which you say you’ve ‘forgiven’, there is more there, and wounding could be part of it.
  • Wounds, Trauma and Brokenness:  Places that we have not allowed Jesus to come in and heal.  Wounds give place for the enemy to keep us in bondage... we can see it everywhere... “Why is the Christian neighbor a recluse since his divorce 20 years ago?  Why does my sister have panic attacks ever since that accident she had... she is the biggest intercessor I know. These both have had all kinds of prayer but the problems remain!” --this guide will help expose those wounds so we can let Jesus in to heal them.
  • Curses, Negative Expectations and Inner Vows: When we think of a ‘curse’ we envision a crooked fingered witch in a dark alley and a person that probably got what they had com’in because they shouldn’tve been there in the first place.  We need to consider what the Bible has to say about the power of the tongue --- especially our own.  Learning to expose beliefs or judgements contrary to the Word of God; whether spoken or held within, will dramatically change your life!
  • Generational Sin:  If it’s not a curse that we can find.... why are we still having these negative manifestations that oppose the fruit of the Spirit?  The unrepentant sins of our forefathers might just be part of why we can’t we seem to break free.
  • Soul Ties:  Physical, lust, close, work environment or covenant relationships.
  • Strongholds and the Deliverance thereof

Videos outside the Series that help: