Monday, May 17, 2010

Territorial Assignments

The devil can't be everywhere at once, so how does his strategy of assault advance?  Delegation.  Get ready for a road-trip of discernment on this episode of hearingGod...

I really want to sharpen some spiritual swords in this message and get into the mindset of being on the offensive instead of the church at large mentality of being only on the defensive.  The problem with this kind of teaching is that it's got invisible spiritual dynamics that the church has been taught to reject because 'it's weird' or whatever excuse... instead of testing everything & retaining that which is good.  A spiritually blinded society tends to see the bad fruit, or the symptoms of the enemy's hand, in the natural.  If there is no one working offensively in a region, you'll see devastation happen in the natural and any defensive church constantly putting band-aides on a community.  But it gets harder and harder when the multitudes shout... "That's nice that Jesus loves me...  but why is this stuff happening if He 'loves us' so much?" 

So how can we understand this 'invisible' war waged against us?  Since the devil can't be everywhere at once he has to delegate.  Look at history for a clue...Kings, Nobles, Princes...go on down the line.  Look at our military for a clue...Generals, Captains, Sargents.   It works the same way, but again...not the devil, nor his fallen army can be everywhere at once so if we can get the offensive hand in a region... in the natural instead of destruction breaking out, we begin to see revival and the glory of God open up.

So I was in a big influential city recently.  For those of you that live in one what I'm about to speak of might start to make sense because of the experiences you've had.  If you live in a small town with not much going on... well, let's think about this...  ask yourself what makes sense.  Where do you suppose you would focus your firepower at if you were in a war?  Would it be a little town or would it be a big one where you could taint the water supply and poison all the people?  Think of the media and the power to influence for good or power in poisoning.   And in a big city that the world looks to...  aren't the decisions that come from them one's that the world watches and emulate?  Spiritually, you are not going to have the same dynamics in a small town as you will in a big city... spiritually, you are going to have more of everything... opposition, more higher heavy hitters, more targeted agendas on the enemy's front.  Let's face it, it's really hard in those territories. 

I encourage any person in a small town to take a trip into an influential city and pray.  Pray for the saints in those areas.  As you go from block to block, use the experience to sharpen your discernment.  In one block you might be getting hit with intimidating thoughts, in another fear of accidents, suicide... the list goes on and on.  Realize that each of those different spirits you discern is the ruler, the commander, the prince and power of the air, in the enemies camp that influences that specific area.  In a really small city you might only have one covering the whole thing.  As you move through those areas as a visitor, don't fall into the trap of taking on everything you discern... do as the Lord leads.  What is most important, as a visitor, is to use the experience to sharpen your discernment and to intercede for those that God is trying to raise up in that specific region.  Sometimes you might have divine appointments and meet warriors, so be alert to however the Lord guides.  Sometimes there's just not enough time, but whatever you do pray for those hidden warriors.  The assaults upon them are vicious and relentless... they need your passing covering.  

Pay attention to the problems that surface in your locale, whether it be big or miniscule.  I originally come from a territory in which a spirit of competition permeates the entire society.  From sports, to the news, to churches and how they behave, it is all under this spirit.  Yes, even the churches!  So understand that when you pass through regions, the importance of praying and covering others because the local people do not understand the spiritual realm they succumb to-- the influence of that prince and power.  Jesus wasn't received in His own region... they were all influenced by the dictate of the enemy in command there.  That's why it's so difficult for native people holding their own ground for the Lord Jesus Christ.  When you are under the dark cloud of the enemy your entire life, you don't know any better... an infiltrated church attacks those that try to destroy the evil rule over a city, for the enemy is closest to his rival and focuses the most pressure and attention on his adversary.  It is satan's greatest pleasure to use those bearing the banner of Jesus Christ to crucify each other.  When a warrior realizes that it's not the people or the church that is attacking them but the reigning evil principality, you might hear this:  "Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do..."

As a traveler, (leaving what you're constantly mentally and spiritually pounded with) you can really begin to notice what the spirits are in other locales.  This will also help you to begin to overcome what is in your own locale, (if you haven't discerned it already) as you alertly return.  When you can begin to understand how the dark cloud operates, you can begin to move on the offensive.  You can begin to shield the people you come in contact with and cover their minds and actually begin to educate them in the spiritual dynamics. 

So take a road-trip and pay attention and then go back home and roll up your sleeves.  Ask God how to overcome in your territory... seek His directive as you become the weapon in His hands and totally on the offensive!

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