Monday, May 17, 2010

Manifestation Power

A teaching for 'the remnant' know who you are!

It used to bug me when, some nights, I'd go to sleep and the fan blades would be in a perfect pentagram symbol over my head.  I'd stand up on the bed and give the blades a quarter-turn and then blame the devil for doing that on purpose.  After a while of doing this (and despising the chore itself) God began to teach me how silly this routine was, how powerful He is...and how that same power we have access to....that manifestation power granted to us through Jesus can be be maligned by the enemy to work against us. 

See, there's no power in that fan-shape configuration....I believed a lie the enemy was whispering & allowed fear to come in...I granted him that access to have power when I agreed with the fear he was dishing out.  And in agreeing with anything the devil dishes might as well be handing him the keys to the convertible.

A few years ago I found out that church steeples were actually birthed from pagan  buildings that converted to churches.  The steeple itself actually representing a phallic symbol!  Does that make all churches bearing that evil?  Again, silliness!

And recently, over the internet, I see people arguing what the 'proper' name for God is....and that if you don't say it 'right' your 'god' is the devil.  How nuts is that?

What about children celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and calling it 'Easter'?  Why condemn?  Does it really matter if it's called the feast of blah, blah...isn't what God does is look upon the heart of man?   I just find it amazing how this legalistic spirit invades the body of Christ.  That's what it is's a 'spirit', and let me tell's not of Him.

I'm not worried about anyone in the enemies camp, or people that just don't know Jesus, yet this legalistic spirit will damn you if you associate with such people, or even believers not of the same flock as yourself.  It's a spirit, that if you'd be wise and one that robs your liberties and ices the heart afire for God--it's a freedom-robbing chant...that mantra of control, of bondage,  of condemnation.  It is the same choking spirit that ultimately murdered Jesus...yet people today do not take those scriptures of old and apply their precepts into life today. 

We each have manifestation power through the power of our words.  Everyone on the planet has access to this whether chanting witches, buddhist monks or praying believers.  God created all things with the breath of His Word.  This has not passed away and whether we go through Jesus or we find some back door in accessing it, it is available to all.  What we believe, we achieve.  But what is the difference between non-believers and believers when it comes to manifestation power?  [sing] There's power in the name of Jesus!

Let us roll out the Enemy's Map...
Consider the military and it's operation...even in this recent event where the prisoners were freed from Bogata after 6 years of captivity.  How were they freed?  They were freed because the enemy forces were invaded undetected.  They were compromised.  So understand this spiritual war we are in.  In that opposite scenario, the enemy is invading the 'church' unnoticed & undetected. 

How does the enemy mock God?  How does the enemy have the most damaging power? By taking anything of God's and perverting and possessing it.   In the camps of the enemy the premise is simple...get people whom have an anointing, professing the name of Jesus and walking in manifestation power...capture it and use it against the saints of the most high.  They ultimately shout "Kill Jesus!"

People that don't know Jesus....I love...the Word of God does not return void and if they are searching seed plants very easily....I am more concerned by people who profess Jesus as Lord....but have this religious spirit that comes in His name but is not at all.  It is a religious spirit that is the worst thing out there.  It's the most dangerous of deceptions.  People trust in men that have been leavened by this cruel spirit, and no longer watch for good longer seek the spirit of God in their prayer closets. They become a leavened mass of prayer against the true Spirit of God. Essentially witchery using the power in the name of Jesus.  Your false prophets and teachers warned about in the last days.

So the examples I gave in the very beginning are some of the triggers of a religious spirit....let's get back to identifying a religious spirit and the wool that it pulls over a believer's eyes.

In my very first examples, whether it's a shape, and image an event--It's not anything that God has created that is bad it's what has been perverted and by what power we attribute to them.  It's the same premise of scripture...for one man it's another it's not...if one BELIEVES the religious spirit, it IS under it's grip.  Jesus can only relieve your burdens as you surrender them.  Your own mind decides how far you will go on with God. 

It's because we are alllll under a process of deprogramming, if you've been in or are in, a 'church of the box'.  We also all have inherited curses and demons with legal access from the sins of our forefathers that are continually surfaced.  And these are difficult if you've lived with them your whole've never known freedom from them so you don't realize you are beneath them.  The blood of Jesus can only wash away what you allow it to...sure, salvation is secured but you control how many burdens you carry in this life.  When we've had such an access point for the enemy....think of it like a worn path or a door where the clasp isn't as secure....for those things we have to really come to the feet of Jesus constantly to help w/ that's familiar & we are too weak.

How can we know if we have a religious spirit or spirits?  The first thing to pay attention to, are your thoughts.  Have you had damning thoughts about this teaching or an overcast of negativity about it?   Did you know that not every thought is your own?  Your thought life is a war zone.  If you're severely agitated, that is good...we are uncovering something.  Remember...some of our access points are older then we are...if we've never looked outside of a cave to see there's a blue sky...everything within us will reject that the blue sky exists because we tend to believe only what we know.  Any spirit that has that worn path in our soul is going to fight with all it's got because it doesn't want to leave it's comfy to plant thoughts of offense or any other odd thing to get you in accord to reject the blue sky is something you are charged to pay attention to.  Remember the enemy's map for perspective..

I have a basic test for you....would it offend you if i wrote merry x-mas instead of Christmas?....remember all the 'christian' uprising about people that use the 'x' =taking 'Christ' out of christmas...all birthed by a religious spirit, agreed upon by the brainwashed masses...God help the person that used it as shorthand...need i go on?  Really, it's ridiculous...the root is judgement...the telltale of a religious spirit. So if this whole x-mas thing offends it is a religious spirit.  Does the notion of 'speaking in tongues' offend you?  Same thing...believe me the bible is true in it's entirety, & the enemy wants you trapped in that cave. 

This is a spirit that ignores and tramples the heart.  It instills fear.  It says if you don't wash your hands a certain way that you do not honor God.  Although it professes to 'honor God', it just puts you under a heavier & heavier yoke of oppression until you are so distanced from the unconditional love of Jesus, that you know not His heart.  And if you've joined in and echoed it's railing judgement against other believers or non-believers pushing them away from His saving freedom...say a prayer with me right now.... [prayer]...end. 

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