Monday, May 17, 2010

Know thyself in Christ, and out of the Matrix

Are you sick and burnt out on christianity?  Did you really try and  couldn't make it work?   God has an individual destiny for everyone and it's not about being trapped in a box.

I hope you've seen the 'The Matrix' trilogy...if you haven't you'll really miss out on the parallels I’ve got for you in this episode of hearing God.

In The Matrix you see the see his purpose is to make keys but his destiny is to make the key that enables 'the one' to hit his mark.    As bullets fly when they shut the door, we see the keymaker riddled with holes to make this statement to give some peace so Neo can go on:  'We only do what we are called to do.'

And look at the guardian of 'the Oracle' in that same series --’Seraph’.   Seraph  exclaims his unique purpose....'I protect that which matters most'.

We all need to really know what our giftings are and our purpose here on earth if we are to find life's greatest fulfillment and happiness in doing what God designed us to do.

I've often urged people to take a 'giftings test' a google on the internet for:  WAGNER-MODIFIED HOUTS online and you can find an online test that will help you see what God has planted in you.  Some people just mish-mash along doing a little bit of everything or  they've been put in a box as a workhorse or find a position that looks better for their posterity than in really serving God.   I can't tell you how many self-proclaimed, self-ordained people there are out there.  I see people that get prayed over that God says 'Hey, this is My Evangelist!', but instead they squeeze themselves into a 'Pastor box' they have no business in being in.  We all have specific giftings...sometimes God has us in a temporary position just to get a specific job done, but then we have to let that thing go...and refocus--don't add it to your stationary or business card!!!  
Again, I like to use The Matrix story awful it would've been if the keymaker decided he was also 'the one' and didn't ultimately protect Neo?  After all, he's the one that made the key--no one could've done anything without his help.  But that wasn't the case & a good lesson for us to learn.  When churches get so focused on structure and a pecking order...and that if they didn't hear it from God themselves then it's not God....when they should be taking everything directly to God for confirmation....then God's plan is neglected and man's plan is followed instead.   Neo had a vision & he was running with that vision...he was in a perfect place because he never ran ahead, and the people that surrounded him--even Morpheus, as a superior, allowed him to walk out what Neo & only Neo knew....even when it wasn't much!  So recognize wearing the hat vs. owning the office and please act accordingly.  This is why accountability of leadership is soooo severe in God's eyes.  He has a job to complete and can't complete the job if His body is hindered and can't grow.  Churches today have the tendency to be like a politician with 'pet projects'.   Whoever originally got the vision pushes that & anything that doesn't push that, is hindered, oppressed, & boxed.   When a thing becomes stagnant then the people have discontent....they KNOW, they watch the fruits...deep inside they feel ineffective.   They then begin to look to and fro exclaiming---God where are you?   Many get burnt out on a cycle of 'oh this is it' but then the ceiling is reached...then onto the next ministry and  [singing...] 'oops it happens again'.   Many fall completely away from the faith.  And who is accountable?   Ouch! 

God says to those leaders, that they need a little 38 Special...
(song played...’Hold on Loosely’, by the band ‘38 Special’)

“...Your baby needs someone to believe in
And a whole lot of space to breathe in...”
What? You don't think the Holy Spirit speaks through everything under the sun?  Think again!
Let's look again at the relationship Neo and Morpheus had.  Was the student ever greater than the teacher???  If you answered 'yes', I think you missed it.  You missed the whole thing!    The calling might have been different, but the chain of respect never changed.  Neo never got a high and mighty attitude.  This is a perfect example of how a spiritual mentor is important as someone that gives hope and points to Jesus as someone to  believe in, without choking the growth because the goal is the focus not a box of control.

It's really important to KNOW THAT YOU KNOW who you are in Christ (in the anointing).   Look at yourself as a puzzle piece...and watch for fruits in others that are other puzzle-pieces.  We are not to all be one man bands.   'His true church' may not be a modern-day model of a church at all for you.

God has so much of the anointing to fill you up with, so seek out  and grow and bloom with what He has given you.  Throw away the worldly preconceptions of what serving God is...and look at those unique giftings and desires in your heart--those things Jesus gave uniquely to YOU.

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