Monday, May 17, 2010

Seeing Elohim... Pay Attention, God is Everywhere

So often people go looking for the devil under every rock...but why not do this with God instead?

Everywhere and in and through EVERYthing...God is reaching out through His creation for fellowship with us.  If you have a searching heart you will see Him, you will hear Him...all of your senses will be receptive to Him. 

In the beatitudes Jesus says, "Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,  for they shall be satisfied." (Matthew 5:3-10)
It has been said that the beatitudes are a progression that build upon each if you move down from this 4rth beatitude to the says:  "Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God. "

So, if you hunger and thirst for that relationship with God, that righteous communion.. and continue on... truly, you are what you eat...and you will grow to have a pure heart, and you will see Him.  That's pretty exciting but don't think that means a purely literal translation...a picture of a strong white-haired man.
In the original Hebrew text, the version of ‘God’ used, in the 6th beatitude, refers to 'the Creator', Elohim.  So because God as 'Creator' is used it broadens how we will  'SEE' Him.  Let me give an example:  In all of might not know an actors name, but associate it w/ the 'creation' that they were part of.. the film, and then you know just who they are.   You immediately get a picture of who they are and their whole performance in your head.  It's the same with God and how He shows up...but are you only looking at the natural or do you have a spiritual leg to stand upon?

When God really became real to me I was in a desperate situation.  I had no one...I completely suffered in was absolutely the loneliest time of my life.  The thing was, that I was in that situation because it was my own fault, and I accepted that fact. Through it grew a reverence for God...part of it was that He provided a book on how to live (the scriptures), and here I was in this lot in life because I didn't listen to what was next?  I began to cling to Him.  He was all I had....if I didn't listen before & things were a I could look through the scriptures in a new way.  I had no one else...and here in the scriptures it said that Jesus loves me unconditionally & that my offenses are completely wiped away.  He was my instant best-friend...He was the only one that understood & stood by me.

I began to devour the scriptures with enthusiasm and talking to Him... I felt like an idiot...I thought the only way to pray was out loud...and kneeling at the bedside stuff....but through it...He showed up immediately.  As an artist, I'm just more sensitive to visual things and He would do/and does the most beautiful things to display his love to me. 

I remember one morning I was laying in bed crying and praying...expressing my loneliness to Him...then some clouds shifted and light struck the window sill and bounced off of a broken mirror and made a beautiful (never to be repeated) light show on the wall with a big heart in the middle.  My sadness immediately turned to joy...there was a message of love from the creator of the universe...whom just heard my hurt, my pain...and ANSWERED my cry in quite a different way.

How many dreams have you had that you knew were profound but you're too lazy to try to understand what they mean?  Are you earnestly seeking Him however He shows up?  He is always reaching out but He does so in a manner where you have a choice to reject Him...whether by writing something off as just being a natural event & sheer coincidence or in a manner that requires you to actively seek Him.

I've got an example....after about a week of waking up at the same exact time every morning....I awoke to a song blaring in my head.  What an awesome ballad from Him! I look over to the clock to see that same time displayed... 7:16.   I decided to go look up what those numbers mean biblically and this is what I found: 
7:  Completion; finished work; perfection; rest; perfection in the Spirit.
16: Not under the law because of love; free; salvation.

And on the same token...He keeps putting 57 year old people in my path...I can't ignore how obvious it is so I go and look it up...
Biblically, Fifty points to: Pentecost, Holy Spirit, jubilee, liberty and freedom.  And seven, again, is: completion; finished work; perfection; rest; perfection in the Spirit.  Amazing...everywhere, in everything...He's telling me the same thing!

Wow, He's so happy to share His love for me....He doesn't want me to miss it!  He doesn't want you to miss it either.  Just like we need to invest in our marriages or family relationships...are our ears open, our eyes to see --waiting, & all our senses open to His Kingdom come?

"Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness,  for they shall be satisfied...Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God."

*a good book for a scriptural guide on the meaning of numbers: 
"Arithmetic of God" - Don Kistler

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