Monday, May 17, 2010

Battlefield of the Mind - Hearing God

Hearing God is never a method but how do you learn to hear the voice of God?
I'll share a little bit of my personal experience in this episode of hearingGod.

Part of the Battlefield of the Mind is that you want to hear His voice, His direction and plans for your life.  He knows best, right?

First things first... we need to understand that the Word of God is true.  If we hit some grey areas then we need to seek God and ask Him to show us, and then be open with all of your senses to how He shows up. 

Hearing God is a relational lifestyle.  You do some talking, you do some listening.  Do your friends like to hear vain repetition from you?  You certainly don't appreciate not being listened to.  Well, you have to view your relationship with God just the same.  I'm not big on 'methods', but it's pretty clear in the scriptures that God tells us what to do.
Mat 7:7-8 "Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened."
So, lemme share some stories with you...
The person that brought me to the Lord was so on fire for God.  He'd ask God every single thing... and one day he was sharing a testimony about how he asked God if he should have a snack or take a nap... and He had an impression of the answer and so he did it, & then all this drama happened later & it caused him to have to stay up all night or something so because he took this nap, he was 100% physically unfazed the next day.  So he was just praising God because of something so simple... that he asked God, that he heard God and because of that obedience, in any circumstance he was kept in perfect peace and in strength.

So how does God speak?  Can you use your imagination?  Anything of your senses, including dreams.  Things that repeat in your day...  you might not get it the first time or two, but when He keeps putting it in front of you, you have to ask yourself is this really coincidence, or is this something I need to pay attention to?

Another bit of sharing of something that happened to me recently...
I had a person contact me over a comment I had in one of my videos where I was saying that the KJV is the best all-round version to stick with.  So he was dogging that a bit saying that there was omission/replacement of the Creator's true name with Lord... yadada, yadada.  Go check out this website the actual name is Yâhuwshúa` or Ya-hweh. So I asked God that night, cuz I was feeling a little unsettled and then that night He gave me a dream...

In the dream I was at a track... preparing for a race. People were getting dressed for the final run. The female coach was bent on a sort of favoritism for 2 of the other runners... they were good at running. The coach didn't seem to care for anyone else.

When it got real close to race time, I asked "where is my jersey & shorts?" & the coach snottily said I wasn't allowed to race because my previous race times were not totaled up and signed by a coach. Suddenly I was forbidden to run because of a technicality? I was angry... the coach clearly would not help me over this issue that wasn't my fault, and wouldn't allow me to approach the start line to appeal to judges over a very simple matter. End of Dream...

When I awoke I had a parable play out like a waking dream... a vision, if you will.

There was a big party and I met a gorgeous man there and we had the best time together. We were immediately in love. Before the end of the night we made plans to go out on a date... to meet at a certain place at a certain time. After we parted, friends asked me his name... but I was unsure of his name so they began to badger me that it wouldn't work... attack me for not knowing and trying to talk me out of everything to destroy us. But I knew it didn't matter because we had already made plans and we were in love... I only had to follow our plans and show up. End of Vision.

Case in point.... I have a copy of 'the scriptures' bible which has 'proper' biblical names in it. I am well aware of the 'proper name of God' debate... but every day people cry out "Jesus" and He saves them.
And this was the ironic reply I received after sharing what God spoke to me: 
"If you were the known beneficiary of an inheritance, but the person who made the will put down a nickname for you that only he or she was aware of, who do you think would receive the inheritance? Whatever your real name is, that is who should receive the inheritance, but because a nickname was used, you would get nothing. The point is that while even I was originally saved under Jesus Christ, after learning of the original name of Yahuwshua, I believe that calling on the commonly known name (Jesus) is no longer valid."

BAM BAM.  Let him who has ears HEAR!  See, God already addressed all this in what I shared... the dream being that this person was like the coach... trying to discredit and rob me from racing based on a technicality, and prevent me from going higher to resolve it.  And with the vision... He's saying it's about the heart. It's an individual thing.  Guess what, HE knows my nickname!!!!  And guess what, if we discredit our foundation, what are we built upon?  God says this name thing is a run to a fro chase after the wind!

So let me elaborate the hearing process...
I didn't run off to that website, because I could feel in my spirit that something about this wasn't kosher (the Holy Spirit began to churn).  So basically, I asked God FIRST. Then, after asking... the listening begins. A thought entered my mind of a poster a friend gave me that has many names based on attributes of God--- many names, not one. Then the next thought was God speaking to Moses and presenting Himself as 'I AM' through the burning bush.  Can you see how the dream, the vision, the feeling or impression within my spirit & the thoughts are all building to a conclusion here?  This is a great example of how God can speak.  And note it's on many levels.

Sometimes when I'm really not sure of something, and have been crying out... I apologize, "God, I'm sorry if I missed you, could you please say it again, say it louder... or give me the patience I need to hear You out?

I'll give you another experience, and this is regarding hearing a song playing in my head over the course of a few days.  This is an example where I wasn't asking God anything, but God was telling me something.

So I'm getting this song and it's disturbing because it's saying I'm in danger and it's with someone I haven't talked to in a while.  So BAM BAM... suddenly 3 different people show up in my life that I hadn't talked to in a while; one of them even as long as in 8 years! 

Now you know we are not to feed our pearls to swine... (Mat 7:6) but on the same token... we can screw up a whole heck of a lot if we jump the gun and don't wait on God for His full answer.  In this situation can you see there are some talents or some treasure of the kingdom to be earned here?  To what honor and length will I go in pursuing His voice? Yes, part of this is a test.  My natural man wants to ignore all three people or probe them to try and find answers by my own power. 

One of the people said "Hey I can come over sometime with my friend"... and the Lord had shown me 6 months ago that this friend is bad news.  So oh, is it this person?  The one I hadn't seen in 8 years... and have a lot of catching up to do... is it this one?

If I would allow fear to enter in, instead of patiently waiting upon His next release of information... I could really destroy some relationships here. Instead I continued to seek Him.  I prayed for each of these people, and then when the telling circumstance came up... again, I felt that disquiet in my spirit the Holy Spirit rising up again..., THEN I knew exactly  which person it was and what the 'danger' was about.  Then I found myself so happy like my friend from so long ago that was all happy about asking God about eating or taking a nap!  Jesus, Adonai, El Shaddai, I AM... whatever nickname God has shared with you... HE knows what's to come, and He's always there speaking to us.  We just need to listen.

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