Monday, May 17, 2010

Spiritual Tips 3 - Direction

If you're hungrily seeking God but find yourself at a crossroad of sorts and in need of direction, this episode is for you.

I don't have the time for doing a transcript for this one but let me expound that there are times when God gets a little quieter so that in your hunger to be in His will, you will pursue Him. In doing so, faith is tested and what we know to be true in the Word is proven.

1.) Knowing who you are in Him through the Word is paramount.
2.) Then I like to encourage people to take a spiritual giftings test... quoted from the teaching entitled Know Thyself - The Matrix.... I've often urged people to take a 'giftings test' a google on the internet for: WAGNER-MODIFIED HOUTS online and you can find an online test that will help you see what God has planted in you. Some people just mish-mash along doing a little bit of everything or they've been put in a box as a workhorse or find a position that looks better for their posterity than in really serving God.
3.) Discerning your thought life comes next... because if we allow those thoughts to tornado through our heads and confuse us.... if we agree with those thoughts or feelings, we become ineffective, waterlogged-- going around that mountain one more time sweet Jesus LOL! Check out Battlefield of the Mind - Discerning Thoughts. Not every thought is our own. Every verge of a deeper walk with Jesus involves a trying time... so that the dross in our life is burnt off and we are found worthy to take on more talents of the kingdom to multiply for the glory of God.
4.) After you become well-trained in taking those thoughts captive that do not align with the spirit of God... Congratulations.... now its time to press in hard to hear Him in all things. Now begins Battlefield of the Mind - Hearing God (another vid I've done).

Remember this is a process into conforming into the image of Christ, therefore, direction HAS to come from the Lord. And walking into His will for your life involves those tests that draw us nearer to God and prove our faithfulness to be His vessel. Seeking His direction is an awesome journey of growth, that doesn't come without price.

Sure, God can send us people to help us with direction... but we should be seeking Him more than asking everyone around us for advice!

Why is it so important to hear from God alone?.... well, man isnt perfect, and in the days to come, the deception will be so great that only those in intimate relationship with our Messiah will know what to do. Now thats direction to seek His direction! 

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