Monday, May 17, 2010

Damn! God won't be Boxed! Part 3

I get so upset when I come across people that judge and condemn whole church people groups and call them 'of the devil', deceived or lost. True it may be that the head of that church is in a downward spiral with misguided ecumenism that invites the enemy in OR, a church that completely rejects the giftings of the spirit. The fact of the matter is, is that God is calling us all individually. He's calling us ALL out and all to go on higher in Him. He doesn't see the divisions.

Let me read a little of the good book to illustrate:
Mat 24:40-42 "Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Two [women shall be] grinding at the mill; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come."

And what about the scripture of the wheat and the tares? Everything is growing right alongside each other.

Can you see that only He can see into our hearts? He doesn't say this denomination is better then this other one. All He says is "good and faithful servant" or "away, I never knew you". It's either you pass or you fail on an individual basis. Does He distinguish between the Samaritan or the little child? Who are we to play judge? Shouldn't we be minding our own hearts... and perhaps trembling at that?

Who are we to decide his plan and purposes, His ways, His messengers, His moves? Why should we care if he pays those hired in the eleventh hour the same as those hired the first?

When we as individuals judge denominations or past moves of God etc. we #1. alienate ourselves from reaching people in those groups. I mean really... is anyone going to listen to you after you call them damned? Really? #2. It is true something might have gone bad and true we would never support such a thing in it's current state but what if at one time it wasn't bad.... if we blatantly damn the whole thing we void everything good that God had done within it. And what about the people that lacked the discernment to know when the tide had changed? Those people that had a taste of God doing that new thing in power, in demonstration. And now they too are damned and by this judgement their faith is ruined. Why would we want to do that when we can reach them by agreeing with the good and separating out the bad? Can we walk into a room and be a light? Jesus wants us to be a light, not an idiot blinding furnace that burns everything up in our wake. There are hungry people in all denominations and the lost as well... they are all seeking Him. He wants us to be sowers, waterers, that light... a sign that points the way to Him.

This inherent judgement... you know what I'm talking about. Everybody seems to be on the damning the catholics roadshow lately... or damn the charismatics... how about Toronto... how about Todd Bentley? The thing we need to realize is that when God breaks through to do a new thing, it is then attacked by the enemy until it is discredited or stopped.... or peters out. Or, it goes down because of unpurified flesh or when the next new thing wants to springboard from it, but man is too comfortable or fearful and won't go there. But how foolish are any of us to throw the baby out with the bath water?

With more given, more is required....if you wanna fly you have to cut off the sandbags.... and when they are not purified and snipped off... then that's when a minister or move of God goes down. God cannot be represented with a garment of stains. But the real question is, is can we ever learn from our mistakes???

Do you wonder why we have to keep starting all over again? We can't seem to Prove all things; and hold fast that which is good. (1 Thessalonians 5:21) Can we take the good and build on it instead of throwing the entire thing out? Can we go back and discern that fresh new thing that God was doing from the point that it got tainted by the flesh?

And what about the people? Does anyone care about the souls involved here?

I want to speak to the broken and wounded here...Have you tasted God doing a new thing and the enemy jumped in and the flesh destroyed it? Do you suddenly feel a bullseye on your back? Is your faith in danger of shipwreck? Stand with me on the outside and see the enemy's strategy... see what is really going on and now see that Jesus, is the best mediator between God & man. Take that which was good and now build upon it, with your head held high, because you serve the King of Kings & Lord of Lords, the Messiah-- Jesus.

Right now I just want to pray for you... and for those of you (myself included) that have ever sat in judgement against our brothers and sisters in Christ... let us ask for forgiveness right now.


Ask God to build upon that foundation and to heal your wounds realizing that He is working all things to the good on your behalf. 

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