Monday, May 17, 2010

blind Faith

Could you offer your first-born on an offer of sacrifice?  What about something a little more 'down the earth', like go against the grain and suffer persecution from family and peers?

These are the days of 'blind Faith', where He's testing hearts in an unconventional manner.  Tune into His's a matter of who's 'taken' and whose ‘left’...and I'm not talking about 'rapture' either!

Based upon a dream I had...

I'm joining my husband on a mission where he has been for a while at a hotel on the beach.

I go down the elevator and in there a hotel employee says the strangest thing...about "In the event of a hurricane, you should be as close to the water as possible".  I am thinking to myself, "Is this God speaking?".

I leave the elevator, in search of breakfast, and a ‘christian’ is with me.  As we go down a hallway, to the left is a church service or religious function of some sort & this ‘christian’ immediately goes to their knees & is drawn & consumed by this event & is no longer responsive to me so I continue on.

I reach the beach in a tented area where breakfast is being served.  Again, a hotel employee (this time I over-hear conversation) mentions that in the event of a hurricane, one should be as close to the water as possible.

The wind is picking up a bit & the sky begins to look foreboding.  A group of men are talking about the weather and one of them has constructed something akin to an 'Indian weather rock'.  Before he can finish talking about it, it signals that a hurricane is indeed coming.

I recognize that, indeed, the information that the hotel employees gave me was actually God speaking through them unawares, so I pan the beach for the furthest structure--closest to the water, which is a small cinderblock towel storage building and I am looking it over to see how I can get in it as it is accessed by hotel personnel via key.

As I awoke I had the sense that, the whole hotel structure was going to because I was to be in the small building--I would have remained safe.


First of all...the Lord had me read in Luke 17 that night prior to the dream, so here is an excerpt:

      31On that day no one who is on the roof of his house, with his goods inside, should go down to get them. Likewise, no one in the field should go back for anything. 32 Remember Lot's wife! 33 Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it. 34 I tell you, on that night two people will be in one bed; one will be taken and the other left. 35 Two women will be grinding grain together; one will be taken and the other left."

What we need to pay attention to in this dream in conjunction with what God was leading me into prior, is that I recognized the voice of God, but His instruction was Life-Threatenly unconventional. 

       "Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life will preserve it."

--only by the Spirit of God will we be safe (by abandoning your will to Jesus)...those that attempt preservation by any other method will lose.

In the hall on the way to the beach a ‘christian’ literally was brought to their knees by 'religion' & lost all sense around them.  They became hypnotically ensnared & could go no further.  I feel this is a stern warning for those that continue to hop from function to function proclaiming "Here's it is' or 'There it is' (taken from Luke 17:20)--and remember that Jesus was addressing those that asked 'When would the kingdom of God come?'.  Recall His reply?  "The kingdom of God is WITHIN you".  So, the partner was captured & could go no further on with God because of the allurement of the Spirit of Religion.

God's method of telling me what to do was very plain to me, in that, by using locals that would never agree with such statements naturally.  So, although the directive would be fearful to the natural man, because I knew the Voice of God there was nothing to question in His seemingly deadly command.

Which brings me back to the excerpt I added...after that passage a disciple asks:

37 "Where Lord?"  He replied, "Where there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather."

I believe that this 'dead body' is the 'church' at large, and the ‘christian’ in my dream would represent a vulture that gathers.  Have you ever seen a lot of vultures fighting over a scarce bit of food?  Not a pretty sight.  This is a pretty accurate description of what happens as the churches all continually hop on these bandwagons all preaching the same things...all writing the same books etc.  Instead of being rivers bearing life, they are reduced as scavengers...similar how demons become as parasites leaching off the glory of God out of human vessels.

Judgement comes, but those that stay on task & target have nothing to fear.  The true sheep know the Master's voice and He continues to go after every last one. 

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