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Water Wall - 11/15/2008

Freedom 1 shares a prophetic dream she had and opens up it's interpretation into a teaching. What staves the 'Wall of Judgment'.... and how is this force 'mutinized'?

I had an amazing dream the other night where God showed me the condition of the 'true' church of God. Join me for a little boat ride, on this episode of hearingGod...

I was brought to the edge of the waters. On the shore were cliff side buildings and there were many people on the edge looking out into the see which was a huge tsunami wall that would ebb and flow moving forward & back. Though it was terrifying people were fixated to it's motion.

At one point I was on the shore with a fellow prophet that grabbed my arm as a blast from the wall came in & we ran inward towards the shore. I recognized this to have been 9/11.
Then I was out on the waters. There were no big boats...only small boats with few people onboard. As the wall would ebb and flow, I could see in each motion a boat would flip & there would be less each time. Then I was specifically shown a family in a boat speeding to the shore. There was a woman & her two children throwing her lethargic husband, that was in a fetal position, out of the boat onto the shore... she did so forcefully and I could hear her say "You can't handle this"...and then she and her kids rode back out to the wall.

This wall of water is Judgement. Everyone can see it's inevitability and is fixated on 'the watch over it.

On the waters are the small covenant groups that stave the wall, but as adversity (the ebb & flow of the wall) as sheets wash down the wall, some boats are able to handle it while others capsize. There are not new boats to take their place, but instead the group is less and less.

The family scene is a shocking that they could come off the wall...remove the dead weight and return. It's uncomfortable that the man is forcibly kicked out and that he is an important part of the family group, but I believe this is an important message for us...because in this hour we have to recognize where we belong. I believe the shoreline and the many people there represent intercessors. It's not that the husband is not important, but he couldn't handle 'the warfare'. Imagine the constant terror of riding a vertical wall & watching boats capsize with none to replace them... do you suppose you might go into a lethargic shock as this husband did? People that don't connect the warfare act out of fear. They curl up into that fetal position. So recognize, that if you are not helping the are sinking it. And if you honestly can't handle the terror then you need to be on the shore interceding for the ones that can. And additionally consider that you might've appointed yourself something God didn't create you to be.

How do we know how to help the little boats?...Hey, get a clue, I said LITTLE BOATS. If you think some big notable ministry is the's not....they are not even on the water. What you need to do is sooooo simple but we are so foolish we miss it..... ASK GOD to show you what to align with. Ask Him every single day! If you're not asking.... if you're not having your own personal relationship with HIM to know.... if you'd rather be fed some filter of someone else's relationship with Him....then He doesn't know you....and you don't know your purpose.

The people in the boat are just as important as the intercessors on the shore. When everybody is doing their God-ordained job...everything 'works'.
Could we then make an observation about the boats that flipped during the ebb and flow of the wall?...

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