Monday, May 17, 2010

Spiritual Housecleaning - Strongholds Edu

Do you have unsettling sinful habits, weaknesses, torments, recurring bad fruit character flaws? I'm not talking about big things like murder or adultery I'm talking about areas in your life, in your thought patterns that keep you barreling like a hamster in it's wheel instead of exhibiting Galatians 5 victory?

Spiritual Housecleaning is a series I'm doing to help expose all those dark, dirty little things that the enemy would rather you think is just a normal struggle in your life.
You're here because you know there's abundant life, you've tasted it but a taste just won't do you want to live it!

Hi Freedom 1 here, with a little video crash course illustration about enemy access that ties us up from conforming into the image of Christ Jesus. I'll show how we get on the brink of agreeing with the devil how to overcome when the pressure is on, what happens when we blow it and how the sins of our forefathers haunt us and wear us down.

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