Monday, May 17, 2010


A teaching for 'the remnant' know who you are!

You don't want to be a needless casualty of war....but you look around and things keep getting worse & worse. "God is bigger than this" say.... And He replies..."Obedience".

I'd like to shed some light on a growing trend of confusion within the church. This confusion is caused by fear, the tendency to run to and fro and being led by man, not, the spirit of God.

I'd first like to talk about placement within the body. Yes, it's true that within the body we each serve a different purpose, thus, making the body a complete church. Because of God's hand of ordination for each into his proper place....some have jobs with more spiritual authority than others, because they are found faithful in the little things & thus the anointing grows. It is true that it would be foolish to compare ourselves with others of higher callings and get in over our heads over something the Holy spirit never invited us to take on. It is foolish to do anything apart from what the Holy spirit is churning within our hearts.

But something disturbing i'm beginning to see is a very stubborn apathy in the church that is counter to the bible's command. The bible clearly states that the Gates of Hell will not prevail against the church. It doesn't say....the gates of hell will not prevail against this particular man of God. It's the Church in it's entirety--no matter the level of anointing, no matter the call of the individual.
It is very clear now what a gate of hell is a passageway for entrance of the demonic into the earth. Some are created in a hidden manner & God calls upon hidden intercessors to stand in the gap that it indeed shall not prevail. But others like the tibetan buddhist rituals - the mandalas that openly usher in the demonic - are done in light for all the world to see.

So 2 things need to be seperated....God's intercessory call to each of us individually vs. Gods command for all of us as a church. They are absolutely 2 different things. They need looked at in 2 different ways. Contending with principalities and powers is in a defensive nature---those demons have been welcomed in and must be contended with and placed at His footstool. That involves God forming a unique weapon through an obedient servant. Conversely....when you look at the job of a gatekeeper in regards to the gates of hell it is an offensive is a needs to be the standard of the entire church. It is not dependent on a feeling or a special call from God, it cannot be compared to a 'burden' God's placed for intercession on one individual--it is clearly spelled out in the bible...

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