Monday, May 17, 2010

Supporting Your Other

Whether you are married or part of a small covenant group, supporting another brother or sister in the Lord needs to mirror that patience that the Bridegroom displays with us.

Hello I'm freedom 1 with & today I'm talking about "Supporting Your Other". I'll be using an example from within my marriage today, but this isn't for just married people... this understanding is broader, as in people in a covenant relationship-- beyond marriage, who's your accountability partner, or your inner circle you share with? So if you're single but in a small prayer group or the like, this is definitely for you too.

On to my story:
I was purchasing an item from someone in our locale via an online message board, and so I was arranging a pay and pick-up for the items. I remembered that my husband had business in that part of town & asked him if he could go get them. So, I forwarded him my email chat with the seller so he could see the price and the address in which to pick up the items from.

Later, I receive an email from the seller telling me my husband left twice as much money as he was supposed to & that although she appreciated it, that if it was an error, that she'd be happy to refund the extra money. This comes after a few riffs and tiffs earlier in the week where I just didn't feel listened to by my wonderful spouse.

The amount of money wasn't enough to really worry about... I figured he didn't pay attention to the email and thought it was that amount per item & not for both together.... sure enough He confessed that later. But... I found myself so hung up on the fact that he didn't pay attention that I took it personally and got angry about it. My response to the seller was: "Nope, men that don't pay attention to directions should lose their money. --Ha ha."

What happens next???? Due to length restrictions, for a full transcript, please visit:

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