Monday, May 17, 2010


A teaching for 'the remnant' know who you are!
We must all seek a forward advancement in what God shows us and not box in what we 'think' the spiritual route is to the goal.
Part of being 'Pliable' in God's hands is that you esteem His directives higher than your own comfortable life....higher than being esteemed in the sight of man.

Ever get a word through a brother or sister in the Lord, or the Lord tell you something directly...but somehow things or choices just don't pan out you find yourself hanging onto the word, but God has moved on? You see this in 'old moves' of the church. People are going thru the motions but God has moved on...instead of people catching the new wave...they judge what is new & suppress it.

The same thing happens in your own life. You can never allow your perception to box a word from God in. You cannot expect a breakthrough to come by the basket of your perception, that you put all of your eggs into. You have to be "pliable". You have to be pliable because we are in war. In one moment the Sargent says to go here, but there's enemy fire so you have to fall back and follow the creekbed instead. Do you end up at the same target place....eventually, Yes, but if you aren't pliable you won't seek that forward advancement at'll sit there all day and wait for the enemy fire to stop--but what you've spiritually encountered is a WEAPON that's been formed & prospers....and that's no pun intended!

So my son plays an online game....he's downstairs on a computer & I'm upstairs & through the air vent, I can hear him crying. His younger brother comes running up the stairs saying that he didn't get his way in the game. I know just what happened because in the go to a new level & conquer new territory you have to diligently wait along side of other players outside of an elevator. You could wait up to 15 min. for your chance to jump on this elevator that only holds 4 players. So you constantly have to be diligent, not knowing when it will open & you have to constantly move into position. Is it me, or MAN,-- does this sounds so spiritual!? So ya, he missed his chance & it hurt, but today he told me he made it...he kept persevering & moving into position despite the past hurt & blockade. YOU KNOW, you can learn a lot from a child....the Lord shows me a lot fusing my love & desire for the best for my child...that they mirror how He loves each one of us.

So, pliability, people. Are you frustrated? Are you doing the last thing you knew to do but it's going nowhere? Do you feel like you have more & more on your plate? Perhaps it's not that it's actually MORE on your plate, but that God's been trying to show you to shift to the new path to avoid the enemy's fire.

Will you sound schizophrenic to people? Saying one thing this this day & switching it up & doing this other thing the next? Yes, you might....but what is more important...the approval of man or flowing in the spirit of God? Would you put your firstborn on an altar of sacrifice...would you trust Him that much? You have to be completely led by the spirit in this hour!

How many of you allow things to take precedence in your life that preserve what others think about you? You are so afraid of this scripture:

"The father shall be divided against the son, and the son against the father; "...and so on....

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