Monday, May 17, 2010

The Financial Vessel - Part 2

part 2 of 2....You've gotten prophetic words of financial blessing & you're speaking it forth...your taking on the dominions placed before you --yet your wheels seems to be spinning. Where is the breakthrough you say? Where is the promise? There's a few reasons it's not manifesting...I'll break it down in this episode of hearing God...

#3. is, or are the vessels pure? this is the biggest hang-up to birthing a financial release. God needs solid vessels to pour into...they can't have any holes in them. and notice i said 'is or ARE the vessels pure?' you have a lot of self examination to do on your own part, but for might be a vessel that He can pour into....but is what you would pour it out into full of holes? the good you would do w/ it--is it where He's going to want it to go? this absolutely includes your your tithe going to be sown where God is?

it's that kind of alignment that needs to happen to bring our releases. until those vessels are built and His own can discern where He is...we get our needs met...we get polished w/ every hard thing.

G-d needs it to go where it's supposed to to achieve His purpose, not for our understanding...
so if you really think your vessel is pure (now be careful people!!!) then have you examined the fruits of what you want to sow into?

so you could be all ready, but it's not released because the alignment is off. if this is the need to go to the prayer closet and intercede for the other 'vessel' or you need to ask God to align you or open your eyes to what He wants.

you have to remember our life unfolds in seasons and that some things can become comfortable...what was once in alignment with His plan may no longer be there. you have to always be on the edge of your chair for a fresh word from G-d, no matter how uncomfortable it is. it's uncomfortable because G-d always has to do a 'new thing' because the devil is always jumping in to pervert and twist things through religious spirits. again, seek the great comforter and His counsel.

and lastly,

#4. for righteousness sake. this might be rare, but sometimes G-d holds off like he did with Job. A word given shall come to pass, as it did with Job...just perhaps not right away.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away, but truly the words of G-d shall not pass away." ---so hold tight to that promise, examine yourself and counsel with G-d as you gain the anointing. When everything is aligned...G-d will pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive.

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