Monday, September 20, 2010

Learning to Grow in Relationship and Spiritual Discernment

hearingGod's Letter:Words are powerful...they can create life or death. Consider how many people have said bad things about 'Bob'....those things become a curse & drag him down--it gives the devil access to torment him. I'm more careful now about how I judge people, because people can be so influenced by the devils voice. We should take it out on the devil & shut the access down instead of calling people stupid so much.

'Bob' I really admire...he is a really talented person--gifted in soooo many areas. Just so many nay-sayers that shut him down at times.
Most people want to medicate & drug the world...but I think darn near all of it is caused by spiritual access by the devil. Much of it built up curses that run in family lines. I tell you, I learn a lot more from God outside of man's view ofchurch since out of a 'padded pew'.

Sometimes you listen to those little voices too much...those ones that call you 'a damn sinner' & judge you as rotten because you don't go to church etc.-- that's a spirit of religion. I see more character in you than many that brag of being the number one bible study leader. You just need to believe you are who God says you are in Him & profess that when the 'thoughts' condemn you--because if you haven't figured out what i'm getting that not every voice you hear in your head is your own...some of them you've 'thought' is 'you' your whole life---but really are inherited demons thru family curses. Then ofcourse you've got people you know that open pandora's box all the time & let the devil run right into their lives....that is different.
You can break the access the devil has by drawing close to Jesus & asking Him for deliverance. Asking for the sins of past generations to be broken so that they cannot have access to your child. I could tell you some wild stories. It just comes down to a matter of believing what the bible says & whenever you screw up to go to Him & ask forgiveness & then your slate is wiped clean & it doesn't get passed on to your kids. It won't work if you do it outta lip service out of fear...if you genuinely get to know Jesus & believe what He's promising--then you'll see all sorts of miracles & hear His 'voice' in all sorts of ways. Having a relationship--that's key. You'd do anything for a friend that you love...that's the kinda relationship God wants with people. 'Religion' just wants people in bondage & under laws & judgement. God only gave 'laws' so people wouldn't do things that would give the devil access into themselves....but a spirit of religion wants you to dress 'right', do this, do that or you'll burn in hell--Ha ha ha. Once you understand the difference between the 'why' God commanded something---that it was to protect people--you can really have freedom in life. Man puts himself into bondage under a spirit of religion. When 'free' you can explore that truly nothing is impossible & that God put talents upon you & desires in your heart & that you should pursue those things. You find fulfillment in life & His kingdom comes--everybody's happy ; p

Seeking Christian's Reply Letter:
Thank you....that helped.
You made me realize how much I put 'Bob' down myself.
I'm not sure about the family curses etc. and I know I'm not the best person but I appologize to God when I think bad thoughts about others and thank him for things that are good. I don't claim to be a holy roller or the best christian, that's one thing that bugs me about those who do....when their actions don't support values. I talk to God, well usually thank you or 'I'm sorry' just about everyday. THANK YOU FOR MY SON ALL THE TIME, I'M SOOO LUCKY TO HAVE HIM. I appologize for thinking to myself how fat someone is. I ask for help to get some of the horrible thoughts that go through my mind out. I pray when someone needs help or dies; but thats about it. I dont think you'd call that a relationship. I have some work to do.

hearingGod's Reply Letter:
You're really on the right track. The way to boost the relationship more is to do as much listening as you do talking ; ') and by that I mean investing some time in reading the bible. I don't do it nearly often enough myself, but I had a few intense years of reading it a lot so it's easier for me to find what i'm looking for...or God to remind me of a story that relates to a situation I need help with.

A good way to start is start at the 4 gospels & read from them to the end of the bible (over a period of time of course) ...then...what I would do is just ask God what he wanted to say to me...or to learn or whatever & I'd hear that 'small still voice' tell me a book & then some numbers. If I wasn't sure if it was chapter 2: vs 31 or chapter 23 vs. 1...I'd just read both. Other days I'd just close my eyes, pick a page & point & then read whatever my finger landed on. Some days stuff wouldn't correlate at all but others I'd have a tear in my eye because He'd nail my problem or encourage me or whatever. It's always hard at first, but getting into a set groove about it (I think my first dedication to reading the Word was bathroom visits--LOL). The neat thing is everybody's relationship with him is different so stuff me & 'Papa' share won't be the same as how you 2 do. That's a huge problem in institutionalized 'church' person gives a testimonial on how fasting did some miracle in their life so then everybody else decides to follow it like it's some recipe or formula. So essentially people don't consult God for their needs & situations...they follow a formula, like God is some genie in a bottle. So then they wonder why God never does anything for them...well, duh....they never got close enough to Him...they just wanted to hang out with a human that did. If you put that into human relational terms...they aren't being friends with God are they?... I'd be ticked-off to be treated that way.

All I can say is spiritually speaking...the devil doesn't want you to get close to God so you'll just have these feelings & thoughts that are negative vs. reading the scriptures. And you'll hear excuses in your head & yawning & all sorts of stuff. But that's the already have a good communication base with just need to hear more of His heart & plans through the word. As you invest in that...suddenly, your ears & eyes will begin to open...a song (and i'm not talking christian radio either!) will come on the radio that has the same theme of something you just read that last night...someone will say something in conversation & although they are clueless, you can recognize that God is answering a question you just asked through them. It is pretty wild how God speaks & it's not all religiousy & solemn either. That's why I love the 'matrix' movie series so's not a religious movie...but it's really true to what is going on spiritually in this day & age--I know whoever wrote it...that God was inspiring their pen.

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  1. I know quite a bit about my last 3 generations at least. Quite a complicated bunch. I did a night of dealing with this and more kept coming to me. At last I slept. When I woke up in the morning there was such a sense of quiet. The comforting presence of God was still there but it was eerily quiet in my head. Since then I have been much more aware of stuff that does not belong. I had struggled so long and this has been a massive breakthrough. CanisRufus60