Monday, September 20, 2010

Go to the Source - The Bible

Seeking Person's Letter:
"George" read an Anne Rice book and the idea in there sounds very reasonable as well but then it makes me question the devil's 'job'. It was that the bad people that go to hell basically go to 'school' to learn about what they did to everyone else that made them go to hell. Then after all of the years going to Satan School if they learned from their mistakes God would accept them. Now that sounds right and makes sense except for one thing....if the devil is helping out then why the hell does everyone say that the devil wants to pull you in and he's bad and everything? I don't get it! Basically bad people go to satan and good people go to hell but what does satan have to do with anything? He sound to me like a disciplinarian. Is that bad? I don't know anymore....Please tell me what it all means.

hearingGod's Reply Letter:
The only way to know God's opinion about stuff is in the bible. Any other
interpretation of anything biblical is subject to demonic
influence...that goes with Anne Rice stuff...that even goes with a pastor preaching at the pulpit. It's because
man is a filter. God teaches me the greatest things when
I simply ask Him 'what's up with this or that?' --
and then ask Him to reveal the answers to me through the bible. Then
sometimes I still don't 'get it', with what He's saying in the
bible...but that's where the Holy Spirit comes in & shows me the
answer through dropping stuff in my path through everyday life &
songs & things. But the bible is always the source. Even looking up
stuff on the internet & typing in the subject of my question & then
adding the word 'scripture' ...I come across all kinds of bible
'teachings' that are 'false'. It's like; so what....add some
scripture to a bogus teaching that's full of evil, and people believe
it's 'accurate'. I can spot these things because of the Holy Spirit
confirming it within me. That's why the baptism of the Holy Spirit is
important...because it's inviting God inside to teach you. Occult
people invite the demonic spirits inside themselves to learn hidden
things...the baptism of the spirit is the opposite. It's really
simple...the problem is, is that the devil sneaks into the teachings
of man & perverts everything so it brings tons of confusion & twists
things to get man to attack religion & use religion as a weapon.
That's why the bible is so important, because it's not tainted.
(Granted there are some versions of the bible that have been
manipulated & the meanings changed a bit--most of those
have been widely exposed), but even with that,... with the
Holy Spirit inside...God shows us when something is false &
encourages us to look for the good signs or 'fruits' that prove it's
worth. I suggested before...start with the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke &
John) & then go through to the end of the book. Then, begin to ask God
where to read...even flip thru the pages & point your finger with your
eyes shut. If you really want to know...He'll reveal stuff to
you...and sometimes in the most amazing ways. He's even put
reflections of a heart on the wall for me when I've been sad. Other
people might think it was a coincidence, but because I was praying &
asking for help...the meaning was clear to me.

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