Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Immature Prophets

hearingGod's reply to a Seeking Person's encounter with a prophetic person with a message that didn't 'sit right' with them:

Now, as for you...i really don't know all that has been said & your relationship etc....but, at the same time...God can prophetically show people things that aren't pleasant (the old testament prophets had to do it with the kings all the time & they were
hated & persecuted for it). I don't know your friend--so I don't know--but sometimes, God shows things to a prophet & then the prophet can screw it up by injecting their own flesh....their own band-aide fix mixed in with the message. Like God shows them something, but instead of just giving a message or discerning that they not share it, but instead pray for the people involved...they take that message and mix it up with what they think is the solution. Of course we know God often does things unconventionally for this very reason and even if the prophet's own idea works, the prophet always miss out on blessing or there is always a consequence for not totally relying upon God. (*Note Balaam in the Book of Numbers around chapter 22.
Balaam could hear from God, but he had roots of inequity that he held onto instead of obeying God.)

If a prophet does this, it isn't necessarily a bad spirit taking them over or anything...it's just their mind trying to 'fix' a thing. Could make sense with good intentions and no control or benefit on behalf of the prophet. This happens a lot with immature prophets...just not enough understanding to know when 'it's God'--to ONLY deliver or pray for something and STAY in the spirit about it &/or not go off & allow another spirit in to taint it or to allow thier own flesh to come in and counsel 'thy will be done'. This is where you have to discern. You have to look at the whole picture...is this person prophetic and maybe they let their flesh in and perhaps this is why it's not setting well in your spirit?

If you have a warning in your spirit ask yourselves some basic questions:
Does the prophet often jive "'give a cup of water' to a prophet in return for blessings" and accept/promote donations? (greed)
Does the message bring attention to the prophet, esp. favorable accolade? (pride)
Does the prophet somehow benefit? (control, lust if for relationship)
Are you told to do or not do something--stay away from a certain individual? (control, manipulation)
The list can go on and on.... it's just important that you take that measure of warning, with common sense, ask for His revelation and then apply it alongside the Word of God.



  1. April 28, 2011

    Dear Brother's and sister's in Christ,

    God has put this message on my heart to write this letter to all the churches in the world. Christ has Rapture/come for his bride on JULY 1ST 2009 at exactly 1pm to the New Jerusalem. I know when you receive this letter you want believe its OK, God is my witness. The Two witnesses in the Book of Revelation came to everybody in Dream and in vision, but people did not notice that. The rapture has also occur and people did not notice it also. We are in the Tribulation period. I told a few people and they don't believe it either. Last night when i was asleep the spirit of God came in a dream to write this letter, because it has already prophecy by the early prophet in the old Testament.

    1. Around December 2007 two women who looks like angels came to me in a dream, and as I was talking to them I was talking to them, I look outside the window and I saw plenty people all ready to go. I asked them who are those people outside, and they said the people God is getting ready to go to the New Jerusalem, and my eyes opened in the dream.

    2. On July 1st 2009, at exactly 1pm, i was whipped out of my body to Billions of billions miles away, I saw God , I saw Jesus, I went through the Judgment , prayed and went to the New Jerusalem.

    I did not want to write this because i know nobody will believe me, but something within my spirit is forcing me to write this.

    May God Richly bless any one who read this..

    Yours, Sister in Christ....

  2. our experiences have to line up with the scriptures, if we do it the other way around it's false.
    great teaching on the subject of how very zealous christians can get derailed by supernatural experiences... forgetting that the measuring stick is the WORD of God: