Monday, September 20, 2010

"I try to Read the Bible but I Just Can't"

If you focus on Jesus, He'll order everything else in place. Hindrances to reading the bible are NOT you.... remember we are in a spiritual battle. If you allow the spirits that try to block you from reading the bible & such to conquer you--fear will continue to run you around. Read the bible even if you don't want's spirits that try to hinder you...the word of God is called the 'sword of the spirit''s a weapon. As soon as you take it & begin to use it, it's over for the enemy in your life & it's only onward & upward. Begin to pay attention to the thoughts you have or the distractions that happen every time you move towards seeking God in the bible or praying. It's no coincidence. Bind them up in the name of Jesus and move forward.

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