Monday, February 4, 2013

Is Deliverance a Scam?

Q: "Jesus Died For All Are Sins, Right? Well what is this (referencing a video recording of a deliverance session in an institutional church), an official church healing a person that is possessed by a demon??? I thought Jesus Christ saved us, or is it some sort of money scam?" 

 A: Deliverance is a real ministry of Jesus that He taught us to do, just like healing....these that He performed within the 'church' of believers (first the body of Christ...but then to whomever also came to him) & this ministry hasn't passed away. In my Spiritual Housecleaning Series playlist, I give people understanding about it... and show how the enemy can gain access into our lives and then teach how we can be delivered from any access the enemy has. The original greek doesn't imply 'total possession' (as the KJV and many modern bibles seem to imply) when speaking about deliverance, but points to areas of access within our personality. And you can see this.... an angry man that continually belittles his wife all week long but professing Jesus and despite often repenting...the cycle continues..... why? He needs delivered. The same with people that exaggerate or tell lies.... ones that can't kick an addiction and so on. 

In the video you showed me, they tied the person down as if they were strapped into an electric chair... and I don't agree with that (reminds me of the 7 sons of Sceva, LOL); for if we have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit (an event separate from water baptism & also separate from initial 'salvation in Jesus' experience), thus having the infilling of the Holy Spirit... then we don't need to strap people down etc. Although this stuff does work...because the name of Jesus is powerful, and binding and loosing are the 'how to do it' (remember the Word doesn't return void but the real key is do we have HIS authority?)..... if we surrender and allow the Holy Spirit to lead the deliverance.... they- (the accessing spirits), bow because of the authority we speak on Jesus' behalf. 

It's sad because this was a HUGE ministry of Jesus that the 'church' at large has swept under the rug, and yet HE taught us what to do & never told us to, He said we'd do 'greater works than these'. 

I share my personal deliverance experiences throughout the series. It's 12 vids... a lot to ask in watching them all, but if it bears in your give them a try: 

I really admire when people search and ask questions... because most only believe what they are church-fed. I encourage everyone to dig in to the Word FIRST (making Jesus as King--not a church institution) and then ask Jesus to guide to the answers. Even if you don't believe what I have to share, I am content in that testifying is enough because He does the rest. : )

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