Sunday, February 10, 2013

In the occult and want out? Here's a prayer for you:

“Jesus, I’ve looked everywhere and have no peace.  I need your help.... I submit myself to you because I’ve heard you are a deliverer and in the bible it says of You: ‘He healed them all’.  I need healing in my soul.  I need Your protection. Please forgive me and what my ancestors engaged in that separated us from You.
I receive all You have for me... and by the power of Your conquering death and resurrection break any and every occult tie that opposes You---the One True God--- by the power that is in Your name JESUS. 
I recognize the price that you paid for me...  I am forgiven, I am Your beloved and I do  receive Your free gift of salvation. Now my rebellion and those of my forefathers are erased because You paid the debt for me/us at the cross. I thank you that I am your child and in Your Name of JESUS, I declare I AM FREE.”

Free indeed.... congratulations!  Feel free to contact us if you said that prayer-- for prayer, counsel and encouragement  : )  For starters.... destroy (not give away or sell--DESTROY) EvErYtHiNg or anything of the occult in your midst--even family heirlooms. 

...And consider reading Derek Prince’s book “Blessing or Curse - You can Choose”, to understand ‘why’.

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