Monday, August 6, 2012

So You Say... Deep Ruts are Hard to Get Out of?

 So you've fallen and you can't get up?
Deep ruts of sin, lies believed... you name it... if it's been going on a long time... the wagon tracks can get deep!

I liken it to the justice/criminal system in how some things can require you to STAND, a while longer for than others just like some crimes you do more time for.  Sure, all sin is judged as sin, but some things just cater that enemy access more than others and so it requires one to be tested, tried and proven by a lifestyle that has gone beyond 'hearer only' into a 'DOER'.

'Doer' status comes by effectually conforming to Christ by heaping in the truth from the Word and living it out.  As those attacks come, you fall less and less... conforming to God's society so you can function as an upstanding citizen!
AND... you not only overcome, but you give God Glory in the process!

An excerpt from a live prayer session.

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