Monday, July 23, 2012

The Famine... Here it Comes!

First there was 'No Sugar Tonight' ( warning of the coming lack...  Now I share a short dream I'd been sitting on along with a long train of dreams from last night as well as Stingray joining in pointing to John Paul Jackson's prophetic warning of crop failure in light of current news.

Genetically altered seed... oh, how deep the rabbit hole goes...
Get educated, but not in running to and fro... spend most of your time getting close to Jesus.  Have you received the second baptism in the Holy Spirit?  What???? It doesn't happen automatically when I receive Jesus as Lord?::::
What's the difference?::::

You see in the days ahead and even now... we need to hear from Father God more than ever.... we need the absolute direction of the Holy Spirit to dodge every bullet so that Psalm 91 isn't just some comforting thing to read at church... but an absolute reality!

John Paul Jackson
August 24-30, 2009
God has given proven prophet John Paul Jackson insight into the future of America. This week John Paul shares what God has shown him of a coming "Perfect Storm" capable of bringing unpredictable calamity to the United States through the elements of war, politics, economics, religion and geophysical issues. Hear John Paul discuss these future events and how you can prepare for the coming Perfect Storm.

Mushy Corn

Timely news articles:

LOL...did u kno that Monsanto bought the leading bee research firm?  Monopoly...manipulation of data HELLOOOOOO:

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