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Recognizing 'spirits' and 'Dealing' With Them - Spiritual Housecleaning

Hi, Freedom 1, We've been exploring enemy access points, closing doors and now we're getting closer to the subject of 'Deliverance'. I now want to talk about the issue of 'how do we know we're dealing with a spirit?', and 'can I see them, feel them?'---'how will I know I'm getting delivered?’

What you'll find, as I share some of my own experiences… is that you've experienced some of this stuff as well, but perhaps brushed it off or not attributed it for what it really is, simply because this all is 'new' to you… perhaps your church doesn't get involved with deliverance type of stuff. Whatever the case, that's okay… if you've been going through this series and shaking your head 'yes' to some of the things I've shared… this is only going to confirm things for you and show you that this is really 'normal' for the fish that are swimming against the current.
"For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh, for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses."
2Corinthians 10:3-4
Not all of you out there were born with the 'Seer' anointing, where you can see the physical world and what's going on in the spirit realm at the same time. I see way more than I used to, but it pales in comparison with my husband who has the gifting very strongly. So I want to share today based on my own walk of learning to discern for the purpose of deliverance.

-Recognizing the source-

I've had people ask me, "Well how do you 'know' when God is speaking to you?" And to that end we can say… an inner voice in the head or a thought that strikes like lightning, repetition during the day whether something heard or seen, a vision, a dream at night, the confirming presence of the Holy Spirit is felt…and you can bet that all this doesn't oppose the scriptures-- even if some things are uncomfortable or seem negative (correction is never pleasant).

Well, we can note similarities in the negative vein when we ask "Well how do you know when the enemy is speaking to you?".
"We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.." 2Corinthians 10:5
Against each thing I listed for hearing God however, the demonic will not align with the scriptures… it will appeal to the flesh, bear bad fruit, align with kill, steal and destroy.

Can it 'look' good if you see an apparition or in a dream? You bet it can…
"No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light." 2Corinthians 11:14
That's why we line up everything with the confirmation of the Holy Spirit and by the Word of God.

I often receive songs from the Lord… and no, they aren't all praise and worship/Christian songs either … but songs that have a right spirit upon them, yet convey the message He is desiring to tell me. I'm sharing this because I really liked one of the songs He gave me and I plugged it into my Pandora Radio App on my phone when I'd go walking… the problem with that is that in using that App… you get to hear the song you like, but they are always introducing other songs they think you might like based on music style. The problem I got into was that it kept referring me to music with a bad spirit upon it, and though I would give such music a 'thumbs down' and move to the next song, a wrong spirit ended up attaching to me before I learned my lesson and quit using that App!

I ended up repenting for letting this go on further than I should've; renounced it, and then later on that night, right before I went to bed-- with eyes closed I saw what I like to call a 'flash' of this spirit of 'Techno'. Now before I go into the details… I want to illustrate this 'flash' out to you, because you've likely experienced this but never considered that you were getting a peek into the spirit realm.

-Flash that Spiritual Camera!-

This flash I speak of is like a less than one second animated vision into the spirit realm.

[quickly shows a picture of a raging ape]

"What I showed you was what a 'flash' of a spirit of what 'fierce' looked like to me. How do I know? If you ask, shall not you then receive? Rage was on my Spiritual Housecleaning list and what I was being shown was one of it's associated spirits that came in on it's coattail. You'll note that it looks like an Ape; that was my first lead. Just go to the dictionary or thesaurus to figure it out. The words that you've been collecting on your Spiritual Housecleaning list, especially after having went through St. Augustine's self examination guide, really do look like their title.

Now let me get back to this demon of 'Techno'… it was certainly a beautiful demonic presence… It was neither male nor female and it had very colorful glitter-sparkly make-up on, highlighting it's eyes. It didn't have much time to get a grip in me… so in that 'flash', it's face, although beautiful, had a look of utter devastation upon it.

Now what happens when we see these things? Now, I'm not getting into deliverance prayers just yet, but after you repent and shut the doors, the ones you've had hanging around for a while, will still try to hold on… have you ever had a stray dog following you? You say "GIT!" and it bounces back… say it again… it heads the other way for 5 steps hoping you weren't watching to then begin following you again. Finally you scream and chase it, and then watch and continue to yell until you're free of this menace. This is exactly the same thing… you have to be flint-faced and affirm your resolve. Remember… if these things have had legal right to be there for a while… they will certainly challenge… certainly go before God and accuse you. Both you, the enemy and God need to see that the heart can echo what the lips have professed!

I find these sort of 'flashes' occur to show me that it has finally lost it's ground entirely and then I completely slam the door shut by binding, casting, renouncing and proclaiming His promises.

-The Thought Life-

I really don't want to go into this too much because it's obvious and you know it… every thought is NOT your own. If we have a bad/negative thought or even a flash type of negative mental snapshot… and we agree with it or entertain it, we get into trouble when we are in any sort of agreement with the enemy. Everybody has experienced this… being more conscious about when this happens though, can put you into an offensive position instead of always playing defense.


For those of you dreamers out there… pay attention to symbols in the dreamscape. I personally would see all kinds of animals… Dogs, cats, goats, black cow, wolves, panther, lion, snake-- you name it. You'll note themes of kicking them out of the house… some running out of the house… some rubbing up against you like a pet-- for the spirits that are trying to 'hang on'.

I've also had dreams with piles of clothes in them… these too point to deliverance dreams, because as you know… people wear clothes… In the teachings of Derek Prince, he'd often talk about how these spirits have real personalities… the only difference is that they are disembodied. So piles of clothes are good because something isn't wearing them any longer.

Some furniture dreams as well… speak of deliverance… also moving things in or out of a house.

The very important thing to note in all and any kind of negative dream I'm shown… or with any one that points to deliverance, that upon waking or upon the earliest recollection of the dream is to bind and cast. Even if I see piles of clothes…. I have learned that I must execute my authority and seal the door shut. Remember, that if you are seeking freedom… that even if you don't immediately know what you're closing the door on…. when you pray He will show you. Perhaps you forgot you were studying an issue in your life the day before… the point is, is that dependent on the desire of our heart… our repentance to turn from all this… we will KNOW what we are dealing with because the biblical truth of ASK, SEEK and KNOCK…. and it will be opened to you, is in effect.
"And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6
-Feeling Them-

We'll most note the operation of 'spirits' when it comes to sicknesses. This is another one I don't want into too much because it's more obvious.. how many times have you been on your way to do something spiritually important and then suddenly you feel sick. And if you're planning to shut down areas of access… kick some spirits out… pay close attention to your thoughts and don't align with 'I'm too tired', or 'I feel sick'… the best way to combat during this battle is praise and worship and speaking the Word of God and speaking in tongues. Declare what the Word says you are!!!

-Spirits Operating in Others-

If someone comes up to you and says "The Lord told me 'this' about you"… yet it doesn't bear in your spirit, it's either something false that's your duty to discern or it's something you don't want to admit, but trust me, if you want to be free and you are being humble He will confirm it and you will know it, whether your flesh likes it or not!

I remember the Lord hooked our family up with some other believers… the man of which I knew by way of confirmation of the Lord was very honorable in faith. As we communed, we decided to break up guys with guys and gals with gals for some prayer time. As the wife was praying over me, I saw a 'flash' vision of a spider retracting into a rocky craig… and this was after already having a stirring within my spirit that something wasn't quite right about her. Through the vision I knew that my earlier discernment was on target. And this is an example of how the Lord will continue to confirm His truth to you on many levels so that you are kept safe. [Interpretation of the spider: 'christian' witchcraft/control, (she was trying to manipulate us to go to her church)]

Remember how I taught about the 'kick me' sign from the Spiritual Housecleaning video entitled: Healing the Wounded Soul? People are influenced by the demonic at the weakest moments --used as a weapon against others. Course, this is easy to spot with 'other people'… we'd like to say that 'other people' are definitely accessed by spirits from time to time. But we know we're just as guilty.

-Spirits Operating in Self-

Have you ever blurted something out and feeling shocked after the fact? Now I'm not talking of it coming out of nowhere… even if it's one second in the mind and the next second out the mouth, we're talking about not taking it captive. Our flesh likes to be the funny one that gets the accolades for 'a good joke', witty statement or comment about someone… all of which aren't so edifying or respectful but attract attention.

I've got a good one to share with you… now this happened to me when I was in a big city and far from home visiting a friend. My background story about this --you need to know-- is that an internet cult that I was once in… the leader lived in that city. That leader actually invaded my privacy… had access to my emails before I had broken free from the whole thing. So as I'm in the car traveling with my friend in this area, I am getting pelted with privacy invasion thoughts…. We were actually on our way to a woman's only spa where my friend had mentioned that some ladies go 'au natural'. I can't remember exactly what I said, but it was some jokey thing about 'ya, there's probably people that sneak in cameras in there!' I immediately shocked myself with that statement… it was creepy, it was uncalled for! Can you see that I had an access point because I had been wounded by privacy invasion --it was not healed, and it was strong in that region, therefore, I mirrored it!

Learning your weaknesses through Spiritual Housecleaning, will help you be more conscious of those weak spots; whether you were the sinner or the victim.

So I'm sorry this has been long, but I felt the experience factor was important to share in this one. Let's turn our spiritual radars on… recognizing these spirits, binding their operation and being delivered from them.

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