Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bible Promises Spoken - A Testimony of Overcoming

Why would a busy, overburdened Mom spend over a year putting up 90+ Bible Promise videos on YouTube? Because HE told her to.

I needed fed, but I just can't sit around and watch videos all day. I needed something that would target the areas I was struggling with.. I needed to hear the opposite of the enemy's rant.. I needed God's Promises! When I could only find videos with pretty music and pictures, but no spoken Word... God's still small voice said... "You do it." And so I did. But little did I know the opposition I would face, and conversely, the amazing growth I would encounter!

In all the steps involved I was reading, hearing and speaking the Word of God over and over.. it's absolutely the most valuable thing I've ever done!

The steps... (and asterisks to show a minimum of times I am ingesting the Word of God, only in creating them.)
1.) Using existing Bible promise books for their topical gleaning as well as online and research on my own.*
2.) Taking each scripture verse and using the chosen NAS version and formatting it for reading and posting within videos. (and checking for errors!)*
3.) Going into my sound booth (ie. closet) and reciting the scripture.*
4.) Editing the recitation for flow.. cutting out all the coughing and distractions in an audio editing program and exporting.*
5.) Filming, taking pictures, getting music permissions...
6.) Putting it all together in a video editing program and again...checking for errors.*
7.) Exporting - Checking the final, and then Uploading ...*

Why show you this?? Because the process is a discipline-- imagine if every Christian did this?! This is why I encourage others to duplicate what I'm doing... especially in other languages because you will not only be helping others, but you will have tremendous growth in your own life = )

And Lastly, this series is dedicated to all 'single parents' out there. Those of you that are raising your kids up in the Lord... you give, give, give, but need fed and replenished. It is hard.. He has shown me, and my heart goes out to you.
I honor you... you are my heroes!

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