Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How do we know when speaking in tongues is of God and Not of satan?

I know.... there are so many people out there freaking out about this thing called 'kundalini spirit' and they use that to completely axe speaking in tongues altogether...using it in their doctrines of: "tongues was only for the book of Acts and now it's ceased to exist."

And isn't that what the devil wants to do.... if Jesus imparted us POWER and it (tongues) is one of the manifestations of that power... the devil just wants to steal any ability to stop him, and tongues is a huge thing that does cripple him, because we become a conduit for the Lord's battle... using the words that the Holy Spirit provides-- ie. 'perfect prayer'.

If we have concern for ourselves, in truly speaking in tongues.... in this playlist I promote, Derek Prince talks about if we ask for tongues we'll get it and we don't have to worry that it's something else, because it's simply not biblical to ask for something 'good' from Father God and to then receive something bad! --His character is unchanging:

The other thing we should be aware of is that if we have concern for ourselves because our thought life is telling us we are in error... we KNOW the enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy... we KNOW that 'liar and robber' would like to get us to believe that we are wrong-- push us into 'fear'. So, paying attention to where this 'concern' is coming from and taking it captive and professing the Word that you know to be TRUE is paramount!

Hearing it in others...all we have to go by is what we see in the scriptures.... then by what bears in our own spirits-- is it a feeling of 'darkness' or are we allowing fear to come in us because we don't know? And, this is a big thing, because if we don't know, we have to ask God to show us, because if we're not 'double minded', and truly seeking Him, He WILL NOT keep us in the dark about it--- that's just not scriptural. He gives us fish, not rocks!

One thing that can be done, if you are in the presence of questionable tongue speaking activity... is to use your authority and bind anything that doesn't exalt Jesus Christ etc. ---for what you bind is bound..... then of course.... loose the truth of God, etc. We really do have power to shut the darkness up. If we pray targeting spirit.... we can't get over into witchcraft and be targeting people.... just declare the truth of God.

After binding the enemy from operation and then loosing God's power... Praise is the natural nail in the coffin for any unwelcome enemy operation in a meeting. If you are leading the meeting you can actually do all of this discreetly and guide the meeting to flow in this pattern. If you aren't 'leading', you can still bind and loose, though you may not have power to shift over into Praise (pray for an opportunity to suggest it, especially if the Lord is giving you a song... as He is probably doing the same with someone else who will '2nd your emotion'). The same can be done if a 'religious spirit' shows up, or 'divination' tries to operate prophetically. When the Holy Spirit within you raises that red flag, there is no need to point fingers and shut someone up, to make some 'big scene' that will backfire upon yourself (the enemy will make you look jealous or prideful if you deal with it in the flesh - and this is devastating because it then makes that 'wrong spirit' look 'good'!!!)... you deal with 'spirit' spiritually. You HAVE the authority, now USE it!

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