Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hate God, but don't know Why?

Revelation from a dream I had....  There are many people out there that are victims of generational occult bondage.  It causes them to Hate God.  They are truly searching but finding NO satisfaction.  The root of their problem is simple.... break the gen. occult ties and then love and understanding --true fulfillment will come.  Remember... generational sin includes the forefathers.... so even if you never dabbled into anything occult and find yourself hating God now you know ‘why’... just say this prayer: 
“Jesus, I’ve looked everywhere and have no peace.  I hate you, I hate God, and I don’t know why.  I need your help.... I submit myself to you because I’ve heard you are a deliverer and in the bible it says of you: ‘He healed them all’.  I need healing in my soul.  Please forgive me and what my ancestors engaged in that separated us from You... I receive all You have for me... and by the power of Your conquering death and resurrection break any and every occult tie that opposes the One True God whether I engaged in activities myself or my ancestors did.  I am forgiven, and in receiving Your free gift of salvation, my sins and those of my forefathers are erased because You paid the debt for me/us at the cross. I thank you that I am your child and in the Name of JESUS I declare I AM FREE.”

Free indeed.... congratulations!  Feel free to contact us if you said that prayer-- for prayer, counsel and encouragement  : )  For starters.... destroy (not give away or sell--destroy) EvErYtHiNg or anything of the occult in your midst--even family heirlooms. 

...And consider reading Derek Prince’s book “Blessing or Curse - You can Choose”, to understand ‘why’.

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