Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The 'Sacred Name' of God - Looking at the Fruits of the Movement

I people often send me... I guess you'd call it 'propaganda' regarding the 'sacred name of God'. When I do, I often share the experience I had wherein the Lord showed me what He thinks about the whole thing; found in a video I created entitled: Battlefield of the Mind - Hearing God.

In this post I share another experience with another individual... the reply being after I sent my video reply...

Christian whom sent 'sacred names' video:
It does say in the front of the KJV Bible that they REMOVED the name YHWH and put in God or Lord God. That is a sin. We are not to remove or add anything to the Word. So I do call the Father by His true name YHWH(Yahuwah) and the Son..we can look up the word JEsus in the strongs exhaustive concordance and get the number, and then flip to the back of the book to the greek section to look it up and find that Jesus true name is really Yahushua!

hearingGod's Reply:
Thats fine... I just had to share what HE told me.
He has many names in the scriptures... which shows that He is whatever need the people have. He finds it more important that people recognize the Spirit He is of then the name, as evidenced the many times in scripture where He'd sneak in to test the hearts of those that claimed to follow Him (I love Emmaus-- it even goes beyond 'name' into a presence and rhemas <3).

The KJV thing is not compared with the quran or jehovah witness where they remove, add, distort & completely alter the meanings. KJV takes away the richness but does not cross over into error...removed---more like replaced with a rubber stamp....didn't remove and change to another 'g'od or remove entirely or add to entirely. In all translations there is so much in cultural conversion as well. Think of all your roles in life...a consolidation only takes away the richness. Just 'Sally'.... not 'Sally' the worshiper, the musician, the friend the etc. it's still you and perfectly fine in your eyes, but minus that extra info. True it is a seeming disservice but the question is, is does it serve to disqualify entirely? How did Jesus address His Father in the garden in prayer at Gethsemane?...and if Jesus is our model....good food for thought?

My sweet lil' cousin couldn't call his one aunt 'Laurie' he calls her 'nori'. does it, in fact everyone loves it. If he would go into real error and call her a foul name....that is when we are charged to step in for correction. Can we truly become as a little child and just be free to love Him as we each see Him?

I think we can look at all the generations under KJV and not throw it out the window under a form of legalism. A tree is known by it's fruits. And, that (legalism) is the heart of what this whole pushing a certain name on people thing is.

Pushing a method or a 'manner'.... I have to ask myself is it a religious control spirit? Just like preaching damnation on the street corner with out it being God's directive to do turns people off instead of drawing people into His heart.
I am not against any 'name'... but when it's at the forefront as a legalistic thing instead of a 'btw, did you know'... and see it's fruit:

1. confusion--"KJVnot good enough--it's not the Word of God?  Jesus, Yeshua...isn't 'good enough?   The bible I know is flawed, so I've been in error all this time-- I thought I was following Him???"
2. condemnation-- from pushers: "THIS is it and if you're not switching over, you're wrong, flawed.. blah blah."
by believers: "If I don't throw out my bible and get a 'proper' one, I'm not truly honoring God?"
3. drawing people out of rhema into logos (chasing after knowledge instead of relationship).

I have serious concern based on these fruits.

"All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not." 1 Corinthians 10:23 
..and this is one where the context of the verse is very important as well.... granted it speaks of food... but is it food with demons or is it good within the extended body?  There is only good and bad, not good but not good enough. It's the same thing with this name thing. We 'know' a thing by it's fruit, plain n' simple...consider the fruit.

thx for hearing me out,

Christian whom sent 'sacred names' video Reply:
HI --I do agree with you that the main things is a relationship with the Savior.
Even if we just call HIm the MessiYah the rest of our life, we still love HIm.
And the main thing is a relationship with Father in heaven, even if we just call him Father the rest of our life we are His if we are sincere! You have some good points you brought up in your note!!

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