Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oklahoma 'Fracking' Warning

I share the warning dream I received from the Lord regarding 'fracking' in Oklahoma.

Other videos on the subject:

60 min:

Air from water tanks on fire:

'Gasland' Extended trailer:

Fracking is not a new method of drilling for natural gas, but its dangers to citizens and our environment are becoming more apparent. Known by names including hydraulic fracturing and hydrofracking, it is a way to get natural gas out of the earth. An oil well is drilled, and then huge amounts of water plus sand, salt and chemicals are forced in to the well. The tremendous pressure fractures the shale deep underground and opens pathways that enable natural gas to flow out of the well more easily.

But what happens when gas leaks out other places.... and what about the escape of these 'chemicals' pumped way down to taint the water supply? It's happening... there is solid proof. And now there is heavenly warning... because He cares for YOU.

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