Monday, February 24, 2014

Struggles with Emotional Healing and Deliverance

A lot of emotional healing is forgiving others, forgiving self, and not holding God accountable for an event happening (ie. blaming Him).  I suggest in my videos about writing down all the hurts, & the ones that still get a rise out of your emotions are the ones that still need worked on…. then crumble up the paper, continue to pray & try writing them again another month.  If you’ve done this and get no emotional rise, meaning no one is longer to blame or being blamed… and you're STILL having problems, then it’s likely a self made stronghold (a deception in ones own mind).

It all starts with identity.  After we’ve declared, repented, shut doors etc., we just need to ‘be’ who He says we are ("Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm." Eph. 6:13), and trust and believe it is so.  Is who He says we are louder in our identity, or are we allowing the voice of the enemy to gang up with our carnal nature and solidify a wrong or negative belief?

When counseling people via email, I have the bonus of seeing a person's plea all written out.  As I view what they write, it is as if the negative confessions and wrong beliefs rise up above the page as if a billboard of their identity. ("…for his mouth speaks from that which fills his heart." Luke 6:45c)

This is key….if we are focusing more on the past & building up that as a root because of not seeing ‘instant results’… then we make an access point in that confession.  Read that a few times to let it sink in…I don’t know how to say it better.  When I see the 'bad past' and 'negative statements' appear over and over, I know it's a well-worn path that's not from a kingdom that Jesus hails from.  We could be free but we trap ourselves in doubt etc. because we have deceived ourselves in expecting fireworks and a flash in the pan.  

After having done our due diligence, we are to stand.  In the ‘standing’ we are focusing on the Word and relationship with God.  A lot of people that have kicked evil spirits out….when satan comes back knocking, is able to deceive them into thinking he’s never left.  He’ll always come back and we have to stand.  We have to rebuke him and stand in that we’ve done everything to appease legalism and we stand, even painfully so as he spits in our face…but he can no longer slug us.  If we believe that spitty backlash more than the truth then he’ll gain free reign to slug us by our own deception…that’s why renewing our mind in the Word is the only way & IS the answer we give to the enemy every time he comes back spitting.

Here is a cool testimony I was recently sent….note in it the 'war with flesh' and 'self' mindsets that the person admitted and triumphed over:
Something life-changing happened to me a few days ago & since you were the willing vessel who enabled me to receive it, I want to share this with you in hopes you'll be blessed by it! Here's my testimony :) 
I was born again @ age 9 & baptized @ age 12. I'm in my early fifties now. Have been walking with Christ Jesus through the years (more in prodigal mode in my youth), presently seeking Him, His Will & earnestly desiring the deeper things of God. Recently He impressed upon me that I needed to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, as I'd only been operating in the Baptism of Water/Repentance. 
About that time, I found your channels & subbed. On 01/04/14, I asked the Lord for discernment & then watched your video on how to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, as evidenced by speaking in tongues. 
You said something VERY important that I'd never heard anyone mention before. You said: "your FLESH will NOT want to do it!" (speak in tongues). This brief statement made all the difference! THAT WAS IT - the problem, the reason I'd been reluctant to receive this gift all these years, was because of my flesh! I grew up in the Southern Baptist church, ones that did not operate in the Spiritual gifts. So I'd been confused, fearful, reluctant in the past, since I'd never seen the gifts in action...& wasn't really sure what I might be "getting into ..." (~ my pride & ignorance) 
I rebuked my flesh in prayer & at that instant, I began speaking in tongues!
I simply can't express what has happened since! In the natural, nothing changed. No bells rang, I didn't shake or shout or "feel" any different. I simply began to speak in tongues while in prayer. 
I believe God gave me this gift now (at the new year), because I was at the end of my "rope of hope." I could not bear the thought of another year or more on this Earth. I told God in all honesty, that if He wanted me to go on, something would have to change. Well, that "something" was me, HE CHANGED ME! THANKS BE TO GOD FOR HIS UNSPEAKABLE GIFT! 
Now I truly understand why in Ephesians 6:18 we are instructed to "... pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord's people."

So if you've been seeking deliverance and emotional healing for a long time, take account of allllll the things you were delivered of… get out a notepad.  Discern if you’ve allowed your mind to deceive itself, ("But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind.” James 1:6) then repent, revoke, renounce and claim it was valid and begin standing.  This Derek Prince video is a perfect example of the fight:

You may also want to spend a day writing down your thought-life too, so you can line them up next to the Word.  The enemy could be feeding you lies & here you've always just thought it was yourself; but you have to be ‘real’ with whatever doesn’t line up with the truth.  

You’ll never know unless you put those areas under a microscope and that does takes work….diligence….but in doing so, you’ll identify what’s you, what’s the enemy & when the holy spirit is breaking through.  If the enemy has essentially trained us 'wrong' for so long, it will take effort to conform to Christ Jesus and take on His identity… so let the retraining begin.  No more broken record of the past… speak identity and promise and life when those thoughts, actions, and feelings swell. Do not repeat the enemy's lies (oh the past this, the past that), but thank God, assure Him and remind Him that He gets to deal with it ("For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.” Matt. 11:30), and to him that asks, you can be sure that HE Will! (Ask, Seek, Knock - Matt. 7:7-12)

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