Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Unwelcome Idols

A person shared great concern with me, in that a relative went on vacation and came back with a phallic statue.  They shared that they tried to tell them that the item might be cursed or have a spirit on it, but they were laughed at and it was clear that they weren't taken seriously and that family member just didn't care.

This scenario speaks to many of us doesn't it?  It's especially hard for those that live under the same roof as unbelieving family, where you don't get to 'call the shots' of what stays and goes. Darkness is everywhere isn't it?  So what can we do?

Remember we have 'Trump'...
Courtesy forum member: Phil.3:8 @ hearingGod.proboards.com

No matter the cards played in real life... we always have 'trump' in those cards that no one can see.  So, we must cover ourselves and declare those idols have no power over us.  WE have authority in Jesus.

"But I have to warn them"...

It is our duty to share the gospel and share God's truth, but remember…if you shove stuff down unspirit-filled people's throats, they WILL just laugh & think we are irrational…especially if we are demanding, panicky, etc.  Jesus didn't 'flip out' when dining with sinners because He loved the people despite the grip that satan had on their lives; and it's that love that conquers.
"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do..." Luke 23:34
If we become so concerned that we go overboard in our 'warning', that just shows that we have fear in US.  If we know our authority in Him, we have nothing to fear…. if we know we have 'trump', we can confidently bind that thing up from any witchcraft operation in our presence.  We can ask the Lord to educate our family or friends as we pray for their salvation and know that what we've prayed has set in motion the demise of these veritable 'dagons' in our presence.

Having done all things, STAND...

Not being the owner... we may just have to pass by these idols for some unpleasant time.  Don't be discouraged though... see the blessing in it, that it causes you to call on God every time you see it!  Every time I see an image or something I know is of the enemy, I just speak to it:  'the blood of Jesus stands against you'!

Remember HE is bigger… 

Remember, 'dagon' fell & your prayers are powerful… so let's pray!
We expose the enemy from operation in our family in the name of Jesus.  We call those idols out and declare them powerless. Jesus, we align with Your truth in that You are our Lord and we honor no 'gods' before You!  We do not receive any idolatrous images that oppose You and we uphold Your truth! 
Lord God, in dreams, in visions, in print, in sound….in all things we declare revelation of the enemy's devices to my family.  We ask for Your patience and mercy upon them and encouragement for me in standing with You.  We declare that they will see and know the truth and we pray they choose life in You, AMEN!

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