Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Slip of the Tongue and Legalism

Dear hearingGod:
When I was rebuking satan, I accidentally said Jesus but I stopped. Will God forgive me? I'm so worried.

hearingGod's reply:
‪If you'd be standing here with me having a conversation & say something goofy instead of what you intended... it's likely that I will chime in and guess what you meant to say and we'd both laugh about it.  It's the same with Jesus.‬.. He looks at the heart.

‪Now if you were angry at God and found yourself 'slipping up' a lot... I suppose it could be 'from the mouth, the depth of the heart speaks' (Luke 6:45).... but I know you enough that this doesn't fit you, you want to please Him and be in His will.‬

Time to expose.... 
When there is a repeated cycle of something...it's an access point that satan is using. When I look through past messages from you to me, the common theme of 'I'm afraid to' or that 'i blasphemed' stands out.   
It is a religious spirit that is attacking you... religious ones put us in fear of the 'law' and remove us from His grace and mercy. They 'condemn' in some form or fashion & try to paste 'you're not good enough',... but that's not what Jesus promises! He ate with sinners, pardoned whores and loved people where they were 'at'... His actions prove something don't they?‬

So to fight...
Here is a way to affirm yourself when that fear/doubt creeps in... take this guide and use it to fashion your prayers:
"satan, I am not a blasphemer.... and then insert scripture proclamations that affirm you honor and worship God in thought and in deed... from the heart AND from your lips.... my lips belong to Jesus and they are holy....etc".‬

‪Remember,... satan is looking for an inroad with you to derail you... he reallllllly doesn't want u moving in power.  And with such pressure on your mouth... it may be because God wants to use it prophetically. ‬

‪*Renounce fear... Replace with statements of faith too‬.


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