Thursday, June 16, 2011

Do not anxiously look about you...

Ever look at a healing minister that's moving in amazing power and wonder, "How can I do that? They hardly do anything... there's no deliverance session... POW, the healing just happens!"

Well, there's a lot of stuff i don't understand either... but if it aligns with the scriptures than who am I to judge the anointing or calling another has? Some people move in major healing. My husband has the seer anointing but try as I might... I only see very little, but he doesn't have the things I've got! So can I be content that the body has many parts and we should function where we shine & not covet or feel 'less' in our own position?

It's not about's about obedience, right?

Example: A grandma that has a gifting with kids is no less then a powerful healer....the gifts and calls are without the powerful healer can continue to move as such even if they fall into disobedience.... but little ole' grandma could continue on and would end up with more reward in heaven for her obedience and faithfulness then the powerful healer!!!!

We truly cannot judge by comparison with others!

Jesus is our only bar...if we focus on Him, all else will follow.... if we spend all our time looking at humans the enemy will breed discontent within us and we will hop to and fro saying 'here's the Christ (anointing) there's the Christ (anointing)', but then fail to enter in to what He has uniquely for us.

Be assured in your high standing and calling in Christ Jesus... it's okay not to know everything. Just align with the Word, mind your own business and that which the Lord has 4 you!

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  1. The video here is wonderful and refreshment for heart and sou!