Territorial Deliverance

The below is dialog to show the process of what happens during territorial deliverance.  Basically.... you're either having a blockage to your business or there is a spiritual hindrance of some sort etc.; something much larger than the feeling of a dark cloud over your head as experienced with curses or generational issues.  You begin to cry out, "Lord, what is preventing us from moving for You?"
In my case, the Lord gave me a dream that began to expose 'the problem'.... which turned out to be bigger than we had thought, as you will read....
Primer... Hubby’s business is not flourishing like it should.  His business is located a stones throw from the outer-belt of the city.  He is well received everywhere EXCEPT INside the city limits.

a dream i had....hubby finally sat down & we talked about it & the clues led us to look on a map & this place is close by (his business base), just inside the city limits & a waterway is near.  geez...what freak influence designed this place? (note picture!)...  There is a park nearby involved as well as per dream and the dream deals w/ him confronting a prince. (had dream and the opposition in it--it's name i knew was 'plank' & it was in a park setting.... looking on the map... a park with the actual name of 'plank park' is really close to this place!)  
in looking at the map...this was making more sense as he had pondered why all their biz is really outside the belt & not INside of it...so this thing ---prince--- is why, i'm sure.
hubby said these were baseball fields, 'plank park' is nearby, but i think we all agree that this is it's 'home base', ha ha.

intercessor reply:  i can actually 'see' him gobbling, slurping, up the goods.. ew! Go for it,.. and I'll help you here with prayer or words when you get ready.

saw an image like that pict. over my head last night (it was small, but neon green & pulsating & whacky stuffs).  do you think i should travel w/ hubby down there sometime & hit it directly or he do it on work break & i do it proxy?  just weird how i'm seeing/hearing everything...it's name is 'plank'...although in my dream it was like i knew all about it but was helping hubby cuz he to do the job.  always told that if you see it, you deal w/ it...so weird that this is more like i see it & tell him to deal w/ it????  all i know is it's butt needs kicked a.s.a.p. but hubby just doesn't feel the urgency about it like i do having to deal w/ it lashing out at me.

intercessor reply:  let's see, my daughter saw it here, and I dealt with it, but the minute
she said it, I was on it.. so hubby not feeling the burden?? don't know...
the name plank, reminds me of the scripture.. why try to take the speck out of my eye, when there's a plank in yours (not you, but the verse reads)
let's press in to see what to do..

in the eve everybody had a respiratory attack around the same time.  prayed, b4 bed, to seal up our sanctuary vs. attack, so no 'visitors' last night & slept well. 
hubby is sooooooooooooo busy he has time for nothing & his phone is always ringing.  he still doesn't get anything direction-wise about this whole thing.  i keep studying it (see pix) ...it seems that the building is the focus here. 


side note.... this place....the building is rentable....so who knows what people groups could be doing to anchor this thing here...
side note 2.... eureka  'PLANK' is a BLINDER to something BIGGER (just like the above scripture inkling implied).

so...was asking a friend to redirect focus (they just want to hit the thing, forgetting i was shown that hubby has to hit it) & bind 'plank' from hubby....cuz i think that's part of why hubby can't see it....so join in on that one....cuz me thinks that's the prob. w/ hub not seeing it.

K, great stuffs...the prayers 4 keeping plank from blinding hubby-- good.
Yep, that was it's purpose-- to blind him from even bigger stuffs. So some stuff revealed to him today-- he has direction where to start now. Will keep u's posted..
side note... hubby went to this park and at the corner of the building was a post... he was led to pray there.

he just got done.  said dealing w/ a cough so will pray that be gone & will talk 2 him more about stuff 2night.

intercessor reply: ok good deal...I noticed I was doing some coughing while I was trying to pray. It wasn't anything too strong, just light coughs here and there. I had thoughts about why it was happening and didn't really think much of it until you said how hubby was doing. I guess the beasties tryin to choke us? lol
side note.... after this point the 'real issue' was seen in the spirit.  Hubby saw a large gate at the eastern gateway to the city, in a vision as he was at this main artery that passes from the east and flows through the city and to the west..... he prayed and it was destroyed/opened. 

What one must realize is that during this time it is imperative to 'hold covenant' with intercessors and realize any issue arising (negative thoughts vs. each other) or any strange physical issues...agitation.... just anything, HAS to be placed before Jesus.  During this time and veritable 'aftershocks'... all have to remember that this is 'war'.  Even as the enemy goes down....just like Balrog whipped Gandalf on his way down... we  need to be extra sensitive in covering each other in love before, during and especially after. 
Territorial deliverance isn't just something you go out and 'do'...again, it's something where there is a 'cry'...there is a prophet equipped for the job and there are intercessors to lock shields with.  The Lord gives directions & you follow them despite what you may have done 'last time'; you follow them despite your zeal to overcome.  When you follow the instructions, you always win.
Jesus our Deliverer!
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