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Hey folks!

I really don’t want to start a blog commentary...I’ve got enough on my plate already.  But I have a burden to multiply some of the counsel I’ve shared through the years to help those searching for answers, and also for helping those in ministry as a resource.  So feel free to check out hearingGod’s blogger ‘blog’ listed on the right.

I did want to have this little extra area for generic comments though...

hearingGod is comprised of Freedom 1 and Stingray, the amazing married dynamic duo!  We’re not interested in a ‘following’, (if you didn’t figure that out by our ‘names’) we just put out programs as led.  We hope you’ll do the same... sharing the testimony of Him through your life as a witness that He is the Way the Truth and the Life.

If you’re relatively new to spiritual warfare, know this...
It ain’t easy!  I always know when something is ‘good’ or is paving the way to a breakthrough, because the adversity-- the cH@llenGes....just every kind of roadblock to get me to give up and stop, hits.

It’s simple...if you’re effective for God’s plan you’re a higher threat to the enemy...and so he concentrates a lot of firepower against such.  If you’re on any kind of front-line you get the toughest blows.  Your dimestore, pot-luck’in Christian is just not going to understand you at all...because ‘yes’ the blood of Jesus covers and the armor of God shields etc. etc., but if you not only believe those things but DO those things, that Jesus says is evidence of those that are of Him, then the devil has to do everything in his power to shut you up & shut you down.  How else does it make sense in the book of Revelation that the saints are overpowered?

Many don’t understand the intercession, speaking in tongues and many ways that God is showing up and therefore those nice fun-lov’in christians speak against the saints and it isn’t going to get any better...because it’s the devils favorite trick....get the religious to crucify, anything bearing the Spirit of the Christ-- feeling like they did some good service for the whole world.

But I say be VeeeeRy careful...we are walking to Emmaus.  There is no ‘holier than thou’-- ‘I know more spiritually than you’, there is only ‘for us or against us’.  He speaks through babes... and if you neglect the good fruit and the confirming spirit (or neglect to seek the Spirit of God), because Jesus doesn’t show up how you think He should, you can’t gain that back.
Trust me.... “I Missed Jesus” is not something you want on your t-shirt for all eternity.

So, I sooo appreciate people looking out for, and especially praying for, both of us and our family in the Spirit.  Thank you our ‘family’ in Jesus!

If there’s any questions you have... between us and other ministry relationships we have... we will do the best to address your questions or concerns.  Just let us know!
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Thanks to those that ‘testify’...
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In Him,

Freedom 1 & Stingray

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